Thursday, January 04, 2007

Surge Protection Plan

The Zionists are circling the wagons against the attack from the Establishment (you know, the guys Noam says rule the world).  Condi Rice has been unreliable since Israel embarrassed her and the United States by slaughtering innocent civilians at Qana at exactly the same time that Condi was trying to convince the Lebanese of American bona fides in the Middle East.  She thus is going to be given the firm hand of reliable neocon John Negroponte, just to ensure that the State Department, which shows a deplorable enthusiasm in protecting the American Empire by looking out for oil interests in the Middle East, is finally brought under total Zionist control.  His main job, already noted by the alert British press, is to protect the surge plan from the predictable counterattack from those actually concerned about the interests of the United States. 

The surge plan comes directly out of the neocon/Zionist swamp.  You can read the entire plan here (click the link for a short power-point style pdf, written by Frederick W. Kagan and some of the usual AEI suspects).  As John Murtha is aware, the only way the surge will work is through further extension of tours of duty of troops already in Iraq or just returned from Iraq.  It is going to be tremendously amusing to watch the Democrats pretend to be against the surge while secretly doing all they can to please their ZOG masters.  Their task is all the more difficult when you consider that the main opposition to the surge will be moderate Republicans.  The Democrats could stop the surge in its tracks by cutting off funding for it, but you know their Zionist masters won’t let them.

Although the surge is being presented as a fait accompli by the Zionist-controlled press, I doubt that it is.  The surge is no doubt being sold to Bush as a means of avoiding having the embarrassment of American withdrawal occur during his presidency (Giuliani can do the job, and this be to Bush what Ford was to Nixon).  Bush is torn between his desire to obey the Zionists due to whatever hold they have on him (blackmail, religion, insanity?), and his traditional debt to the friends of his father, who have, both figuratively and literally (!), bailed him out throughout his entire life. 

If the full Baker plan is followed, it is the death of Israeli colonialism, and the end of Wurmser’s Zionist Plan for the Middle East.  The surge – a completely ridiculous, completely Vietnam-esque, plan of doing more of the same thing which has caused all the problems in the first place –  is intended to slow up American withdrawal until it has been ensured that Iraq will have to break up (if American troops withdraw now, the danger is that Iraq will stay intact under Iraqi control, or – shudder – under radical Iranian control).  The surge is presented as a workable alternative to the Baker plan, and is intended to replace the other dangerous Baker ideas, including settling the Palestinian problem and making nice with Syria and Iran, all in a last-ditch effort to protect the interests of the American Establishment in the Middle East.  The stakes are thus extremely high – the death of the American Empire versus the death of the dream of an Israeli Empire.  If Bush opts for a surge, it will prove that the American Establishment is so weak and decadent that it no longer deserves its empire.