Saturday, January 27, 2007

A trick to fool the Lobby?

Israel’s demographic problem continues to worsen, with immigration to Israel hitting an 18–year low.  Anyone crazy enough to move to Israel now would have to be the craziest of the crazy settlers, meaning that the percentage of the certifiably insane continues to grow, meaning that Israeli politics will only grow worse and worse as the voting population continues to de-evolve.

Of course, there are two other parts to the demographic problem, both well hidden.  The first is the growth in the Arab population.  The second is the amount of immigration of Jews out of Israel, away from the insanity.  This latter phenomenon is obviously occurring, as the Jewish population from Israel in places like Berlin and Moscow continues to grow.  Some just quietly return to Brooklyn.  Canada is now accepting Jewish refugees from Israel (Canada should send a ship over called the ‘HMCS St. Louis’ to pick them up).  Of course, the people who are leaving are the sane and smart ones, further reducing the combined political intelligence of the remainder.  Just think what would happen if Israel were to find itself in even more dire circumstances.  Israel would be ‘wiped off the map’ not by war, but by the steady decline in population as its residents slowly come to their senses.

There is a school of thought that the United States will enter into a war on Iran tricked by Israel.  Israel will conduct an attack on Iran, another military failure, but the effective counterattack, by Iranian missiles (with the help of an insurrection by Hamas and Hezbollah missiles), will prompt the Americans to enter the fight to assist its ‘ally’ (despite the fact that the ‘ally’ would be completely responsible for bringing the counterattacks on itself).

We’ve seen this plan once before, less than a year ago.  Israel was supposed to win easily in Lebanon.  When it didn’t, the neocon/Israeli Plan II was to have the Americans enter to assist Israel, preferably by attacking Syria on the pretense that Hezbollah’s missiles were coming from Syria.  As you will remember, the doom and gloom in the neocon ranks was occasioned by the fact that the Americans did nothing, just sat on their hands and watched Israel get its ass kicked.  There were even dark conspiracy theories raised about how the Americans tricked Israel into a disaster in Lebanon, by encouraging it and giving it the green light, and then failing to support it.

What if the American Establishment – you know, the guys Noam says rule the world who were embarrassed by Bush when he refused to pay attention to the reasonable suggestions of their advisers – has a trick up its sleeve?  What if the plan is a version of Lebanon?  We know the Lobby runs Washington.  Israel is becoming an albatross to the Empire (or, rather, even more of an albatross than usual), but the Lobby is too powerful to stop.  Let the Lobby, arrogant and full of itself, shoot itself in the foot.  Let the Lobby goad Israel into attacking Iran, all on the basis that the Lobby power is so huge that it will be able to force the Americans into the war.  When the Iranian missiles start to fall, the Americans  . . .  do nothing.  There will be screams from the usual Lobby catamites, but they will fall on deaf ears, just like happened with Lebanon.  The Iranian missiles wouldn’t ‘wipe Israel off the map’, but they would go a long way to evening up the power relations in the Middle East, and would accelerate the demographic problem and cure America’s parasite problem.  Do you think Israel can afford to conduct an attack on Iran relying on American help when such help has already been denied and when its failure to appear might mean the end of Israel as a viable state?