Friday, February 02, 2007

The Big Plan

I’ve said this before, but it is starting to become too obvious to ignore:  the Bush Administration has no omnibus plan to dominate the world’s energy supplies.  They’re not seeking oil in South America, they’re not seeking oil in Africa, and they are messing up oil supplies from the Middle East.  Even Iraq had nothing to do with oil (the evidence that it did, Cheney’s much discussed plans, came from Richard Mellon Scaife’s Judicial Watch, meaning that the revelations were actually a trick).  The ‘experts’ continue to repeat old ideas – from the 70’s? – that the Americans are on a cold-war mission to ‘encircle’ the Russians and parry the Chinese, but it is the Russians and Chinese who are getting all the hydrocarbons (Russia already has them, and the Chinese are constantly doing the diplomacy – notably not the Bush Administration’s strong suit – to sew up whatever oil there is in the world).  So what is the Big Plan?

Canada (and Mexico and, after an assassination or two, Venezuela).  The Canadian oil sands are of a comparable size to Saudi reserves, and the Americans intend to suck them dry.  Since the environmental effects of this won’t go over well with the increasingly green Canadian electorate, Canada will have to give up the last vestiges of its sovereignty.  This explains the semi-secret high-level meetings to create a North American unitary government (starting with a continental energy policy).  Once it is in place, the Americans will also help themselves to the water.

The environment problem is a big one.  Extracting oil from oil sands requires a tremendous amount of energy, thus creating a fatal addition to world-wide greenhouse gases.  Exploiting the oil sands to the extent required by the Americans will end any chance of saving the world (assuming that chance is not already gone):

Canada, the No. 1 oil exporter to the United States already, was urged to increase its production of crude from oil sands from 1 million barrels a day to 5 million barrels a day.”

That’s just a start, to establish the concept that the Americans can order production if and when they feel like it, without regard to Canadian laws.  There is a sad lack of opposition to this.  Dick Cheney would much rather deal with a compliant Canada – the Calgary oil men are exactly like, and sometimes are, the Texas oil men he is comfortable with – than with some crazy Middle Eastern guys in robes.

The Conservative government in Canada has effectively renounced Kyoto, for the simple reason that extraction of the oil from the oil sands is impossible under Kyoto.  The Liberal opposition sees the advantage in forcing the issue, as the Conservatives can’t possibly give in.  We’re now seeing the Canadian government pretend to take a ‘green’ approach to governing (with the connivance of the embarrassing NDP, which may be destroyed in the next election), and hoping to fool the electorate (it doesn’t appear to be working).  ‘Fast tracking’ environmental assessments is a nice way of saying there won’t be any real environmental assessments.

The United States can’t invade Canada – too many white people – but it doesn’t need to.  With the Canadian government one third in the pocket of the American government, one third in the pocket of the Calgary oil barons (to show how bad it is, the plan is to privatize Canada’s collection of national portraits, so they can be shown off in the head office of a Calgary pipeline company!; can you imagine any other country doing that?), and one third in the pocket of the Jewish Billionaires Club (I note that the Canada oil plan conforms to the Zionist plan to remove the ‘oil weapon’ from opponents of Zionist colonialism), there simply isn’t any room left for the government of Canada to look out for the interests of Canadians.  It’s not just Canadians who will pay the price, as the upshot of the degree of oil sands exploitation anticipated by the Bush Administration – it’s the only plan they have, or Americans freeze in the dark – is the destruction of the world.