Sunday, February 11, 2007

Israel (Über) Allies Caucus

Canada has become the latest country to set up an official Parliamentary Zionist caucus, called the Israel Allies Conference, part of an international campaign by the powerless – at least according to Noam – Lobby (a move criticized by the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians as being bad for Canada, and bad for Jews).  When Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay was recently in the Middle East, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas politely met with him, but basically said they had nothing to talk about as Canada had completely abandoned its traditional ‘honest broker’ role.  Right wingers in Canada are constantly wringing their hands at the supposed loss of Canadian influence in foreign affairs, but the one-sided Canadian support for Israeli colonialism represents a complete break with all Canadian foreign policy in the last fifty years.  Since the Palestinian struggle is symbolic around the world, Canada has now completely excluded itself from having any influence in international politics.  Canada has become just another international pariah, a shame because Canada has the unique combination of connections to all the major power blocks (the U. S., the francophone countries, Britain and the Commonwealth, and all the immigrant groups represented in Canada with ties to their home countries), together with a very well-trained corps of diplomats.  Canadian foreign policy has gone so bad so quickly, that it has even drawn the scorn (or here) of former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark.  We can read Clark’s speech as a manifestation of the feelings of the Canadian Establishment, paralleling the efforts of the American Establishment, through people like Carter and Baker, against the pernicious and overwhelming influence of the Lobby.

Now that Hamas and Fatah have amalgamated, essentially adopting the positions of Hamas vis-à-vis Israel, is Canada going to continue to follow the insane USraeli approach to the Palestinians?  This approach actually involved a combination of starving the Palestinians while providing arms to Fatah to encourage a Palestinian civil war, and was enthusiastically backed by Canada and Europe.