Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Jews versus the Jewish people (and everybody else)

Google has a ‘Jew’ problem.  The word ‘Jew’ in English has a faint but quite distinct pejorative connotation.  That means that websites which are overtly anti-Semitic tend to use the word ‘Jew’ prominently, which entails that Google searches featuring the word ‘Jew’ turn up some rather hair-raising results at the top of the list, through no fault of Google.  Thus the need for an apology/explanation (note the URL:  this is Google’s main – sole? – ‘explanation’ for its search results).

‘Jewish’, on the other hand, is fine, with no connotations.  Maybe we should reserve the word ‘Jew’ for those who deserve all the pejorative connotations.  We are now – finally! – starting to see a rebellion in the Jewish community against those who purport to speak for all Jewish people.  The ‘silent majority’ is starting to wake up and realize that the proposals of the mainstream Jewish establishment are completely insane, and will necessarily, and sooner rather than later, lead to disaster for the Jewish people and the state of Israel.  The Jewish Billionaires who are behind the insanity and who sponsor the most prominent ‘Jews’ have their own agenda, which seems to consist primarily in demonstrating, using Israel as a toy, how much power they can throw around by influencing the decisions of Western governments.  This game has reached crisis proportions with the current madness over attacking Iran.  This plan is so obviously evil and reckless, endangering Israel, the Jewish people, and the entire world, that it has provoked what I hope is the beginning of a rebellion against the schemes of the ‘Jews’.

It’s high time for the Jewish people, and everybody else, to intellectually ‘divest’ from the Jewish Billionaires and their spokesmen, the ‘Jews’.  The ‘Jews’ are easily identifiable.  Dershowitz:  Jew.  Pipes:  Jew.  Podhoretz, father and son:  Jews.  Perle:  Jew.  Ledeen:  Jew.  Kristol, father and son:  Jews.  Foxman:  Jew.  Wolfowitz:  Jew.  Abrams:  Jew.  Feith:  Jew.  The two Wurmsers:  Jews.  The list goes on and on (I don’t mean to insult anybody by leaving them off my list!).  Some of these people may very well be Jewish, but that is irrelevant to their essential evil as ‘Jews’.  I note that the main opponents of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity are Jewish (someday these people will be recognized for their courage in the face of community pressure).

It is in the interests of everybody, especially the Israelis and the wider Jewish community, to stabilize the position of Israel in the Middle East.  That means an end to Zionist imperialism and militarism.  Zionist imperialism and militarism is fostered by the Jewish Billionaires (and the Christian Zionists who wish to start the Apocalypse using Israel).  Israel wouldn’t take the insane positions it takes were it not for the goading of the Jews, especially those in North America.  If all the ‘Iran talk’ serves any purpose, one would hope that it includes the creation of a wider Jewish consensus against the positions of the Jews.