Friday, February 09, 2007

The Lobby has its work cut out

Despite massive – massive – work by the Lobby and its organs to encourage Islamophobia in North America, the effort is failing.  From the National Post (the world’s worst newspaper, and winner of the 2006 Error of the Year):

“Canadians are least likely among citizens of 23 western countries to have bigoted attitudes toward Muslims, according to a new international study that measured the level of ‘Islamophobia’ in each nation.

More than 32,000 respondents from 19 European countries, plus Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, were asked the question: ‘Would you like to have a person from this group as your neighbour?’

Of the nearly 2,000 people surveyed in Canada only 6.5 per cent said they would not like to live beside a Muslim. Respondents in Greece (20.9 per cent), Belgium (19.8), Norway (19.3) and Finland (18.9) were most likely to answer ‘No’ to the question. 

Results in Britain and the U.S. were 14.1 per cent and 10.9 per cent respectively, and the average percentage of negative responses across all western countries was 14.5 per cent.”

Note the relatively low result for the U. S. as well.  The Head Jew is no doubt giving Daniel Pipes a good flogging for incompetence.  Canada, whose results probably have a connection to its secularism, isn’t so friendly to homosexuals:

“Canadians ranked among the most tolerant nations in each of those categories, as well. Fewer than five per cent of respondents from Canada said they wouldn’t want to have a neighbour who is Jewish, an immigrant or of a different race.

Homosexuals were more likely than any other group – in Canada and nearly every other country – to be shunned by a potential neighbour. Just over 17 per cent of Canadians said they would not want a gay person living next door; the overall percentage for western nations was 19.6, with Italy (28.7) and Sweden (six per cent) at the opposite ends of the range.”

I wonder if they studied what people thought of having gay Muslim neighbors.