Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The long road back to freedom from Zionism

Five countries – the U. S., Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand – were forced to bend over and spread ’em as a result of the U. S. forcing its ‘allies’ to conform to Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ in the wake of the September 11 attacks.  All five victims of Zionist propaganda had to create horrific Orwellian legislation to oppress Muslims (Muslims are, of course, the direct target of the ‘war on terror’ legislation).  Now, Canada is taking the long road back to freedom.

The Canadian legislation contained a ‘sunset’ clause which required Parliament to reconsider the worst parts of the legislation, passed after September 11, 2001, in five years.  Liberal leader Stéphane Dion deserves enormous credit for resisting the enormous – and I mean enormous – pressure from the Zionist lobby within his own party, and holding fast to his principles (if you don’t believe me, read how a Zionist puts the issue; Dion’s selection as Liberal leader really was a massive defeat for the Jewish Billionaires Club, who are trying to get their revenge by having their media catamites claim Dion isn’t doing well as Liberal leader).  The governing Conservatives, representing the Israel Lobby and the jack-booted thugs distinguished members of the security establishment, desperately wanted to keep the draconian laws in place.  The Liberals voted with the other two opposition parties to put an end to the two worst parts of the legislation.

Note in particular ultra-Zionist Irwin Cotler, who takes the position that the oppressive laws should stay as they have never been used.  I suppose Cotler, who fancies himself an advocate of human rights (other than for Palestinians, of course), would support the passage of a death-penalty law for jaywalking, as long as the law is never used.

The reason the law was never used is that the authorities relied on provisions of the Immigration Act to detain Muslims.  These obviously unconstitutional provisions were struck down by a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of Canada last Friday.  The problem with having obviously unconstitutional legislation on the books is twofold.  First, the mere existence of such laws can be used as a threat against victims of the security establishment.  Secondly, the victims of the unconstitutional laws languish in detention for years before the issue reaches the courts (assuming the victims can afford to pay to make it through the legal system).

Once freedom is lost it is very difficult to regain it.  The Zionists and the jack-booted thugs distinguished members of the security establishment relied on fear to attempt to keep the legislation.  Terrorist hell is supposed to break loose once there is any glimmer of freedom from oppression.

The ‘war on terror’ was created by Netanyahu and the Israeli right for three reasons:

  1. It was supposed to replace the idea that Israel was the ally of the United States in the Middle East in the battle against the Soviets, by the idea that Israel was the ally of the United States in the Middle East in the battle against fundamentalist Islam (the shift was needed when the Soviet Union no longer existed).
  2. It was intended to create the idea that Israel’s struggle against the justified reaction by the Palestinians to Israeli war crimes was the same struggle faced by the United States, and the world.
  3. It has been extended to include the entire gamut of propaganda weapons which we know of as Islamophobia, intended to create a general fear of Islam which is used to make possible various Zionist outrages.

One of the Israeli spies caught while cheering at the collapse of the World Trade center put it clearly (my emphasis in red):

“We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

Netanyahu himself, on being asked about what the September 11 attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations, said:

“It's very good.  Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”

Make no mistake:  the Canadian and similar oppressive laws are the gifts of Zionism to the world.  One of the many payments the rest of the world makes for not stopping Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity is having to live under the burden of oppressive Zionist anti-Muslim legislation.