Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The pseudoscience of Biblical archaeology

From a good article by Uri Averny on what Olmert is up to with his various provocations (my emphasis in red):

“. . . most Israeli archaeologists have always been the loyal foot-soldiers of the official propaganda. Since the emergence of modern Zionism, they have been engaged in a desperate endeavor to ‘find’ archaeological evidence for the historical truth of the stories of the Old Testament. Until now, they have gone empty-handed: there exists no archaeological proof for the exodus from Egypt, the conquest of Canaan and the kingdoms of Saul, David and Solomon. But in their eagerness to prove the unprovable (because in the opinion of the vast majority of archaeologists and historians outside Israel - and also some in Israel - the Old Testament stories are but sacred myths), the archaeologists have destroyed many strata of other periods.”

Biblical archaeology is the biggest pile of bullshit going.  Actually, the Christian Zionists are even more to blame that the Israelis.  They spend vast amounts of money funding quack ‘archaeologists’ who uncover various piles of rocks in the Middle East, and then breathlessly announce more ‘proof’ of the Bible.  The reasoning is always entirely circular:  the Bible contains a place name, I’ve found a pile of rocks in the Middle East which looks like the remains of human habitation, the pile must be the place named in the Bible, therefore the Bible is ‘proved’.

  Of course, the Israeli efforts, involving a combination of lies, forgeries and wishful thinking, are in aid of providing some justification for why the Jews should be uniquely able to break international law and steal the land of another people.