Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reflections on the propaganda wars

Reflections on the propaganda wars:

  1. Does anybody really believe that Americans have any interest in the minutiae of European sociology?  The vast majority of Americans are only vaguely aware that any other countries actually exist.  The recent spate of American books predicting that Europe is about to be overrun by crazed Muslims are not really books about Europe at all.  They are written for Americans in order to continue the Zionist propaganda plan of instilling fear of Islam into Americans.  It is not a coincidence that the books are about Europe being ‘overrun’ with Muslims, as that follows the Israeli preoccupation with its ‘demographic problem’.  The key Zionist goal, as stated well by the Israeli spy caught on September 11, is to make Israel’s peculiar problems, caused by its own wrongdoing, into universal problems:  “Your problems are our problems.”  Thus the extension of the ‘war on terror’, Netanyahu’s idea, to plague the whole world, and the preoccupation with Europe’s phony ‘demographic problem’.
  2. I understand that Jimmy Carter’s next book is going to be a survey of the hummingbirds of Georgia.  Deborah Lipstadt will write a review praising Carter for his vivid description of the plumage, but noting that the book is fatally flawed for not mentioning the Holocaust.  What if I robbed a bank and killed three people and ended up before a judge, who asked me if I had anything to say in mitigation of my sentence?  Do you think I’d get somewhere if I described that I had a terrible childhood?  Maybe.  How far would I get if I explained my actions by telling the judge that my grandfather or great-grandfather had a terrible childhood?
  3. I keep saying that the United States is not going to attack Iran, but nobody believes me (six months from now, I’m expecting everyone to congratulate me on my prescience).  One good indicator is the propaganda being churned out by the Bush Administration.  It lacks all the conviction of the Iraq lies, and, even more telling, the mainstream media reports on it while simultaneously mentioning both that there are opposing views (something we never saw in the build-up to Iraq), and that the Bush Administration told similar stories about Iraq, stories which were all untrue and which led Americans into a disaster.  The American Establishment has obviously ordered its lackies to try to tell the truth this time.  Iran is going to do just enough to remain on side of the international inspectors, which will give Europe the excuse it is looking for to pour cold water on the Zionist plans (the Zionists have their hands full convincing the Europeans to keep the new Palestinian government, and the Palestinian people, on the ‘diet plan’).
  4. The exception to honest reporting on Iran is, of course, the laughable New York Times.  It went through the whole Judy Miller fiasco, refused to examine itself, was finally embarrassed into doing so, and ended up with an agonized process of apology and promises to reexamine its standards and procedures so as to never screw up so badly again.  The next Zionist war pops up and, like an alcoholic who just can’t resist another drink, the Times, still not run by grayhounds, has Miller’s old aluminum tubes writing partner, Michael Gordon, use the classic Judy Miller style to spew the same type of lies.  This time they got caught, and mocked, and even had to resort to telling the truth.  Picking Michael Gordon, of all people, to write the article actually looks like an act of sabotage by some editor ordered from upstairs to print more Zionist propaganda.