Saturday, March 03, 2007

The A word

The redoubtable Lawrence of Cyberia has found an excellent quote from Michael Ben-Yair, former Attorney-General of Israel, which actually uses the dreaded A word in referring to his country.  Would that the American apologists for Israel were as honest. 

I remind you of these classic Lawrence of Cyberia posts, particularly relevant these days when Dennis Ross, the main proponent of the lies about Arafat and the ‘generous offer’, is being set up, along with Martin Indyk, to be the ‘good cop’ spokesmen for Zionism, in distinction to the crazy ‘bad cop’ spokesmen like Dershowitz and Pipes.  After a dose of the guys who seem to be out on a day pass from the loony bin, Ross and Indyk sound perfectly sane, although they spout the same brand of Zionism.  The peace efforts of Clinton at Camp David in July 2000 were undermined by disinformation about Arafat’s intentions spread by Barak’s intelligence advisor, Maj. Gen. Amos Gilad, and Ross was, and is, a big part of the propaganda process used by the Zionists to marginalize the Palestinians.  In the debate between John Mearsheimer and Ross/Indyk (the whole thing is worth reading, and note how nasty Indyk is at Mearsheimer’s ‘scholarship’), Mearsheimer says (my emphasis in red):

“I would note that both Martin and Dennis were key advisors to Bill Clinton at Camp David, and you, of course, were there. And Martin and Dennis are in my opinion at the core of the Lobby. (Applause)…… and I would add that I think it is no accident that Dennis’ deputy, Aaron Miller, said that at Camp David ‘we too often acted as Israel’s lawyers.’ It’s a quite remarkable statement. (Applause).”