Thursday, March 15, 2007

'The Americans' did it

One of the many tricks of Zionism, and one which is becoming more important as things get crazier in Israel, is to blame all the faults of Israel on ‘the Americans’.  Israel attacked Lebanon.  We’re told it’s because of ‘the Americans’.  Israel doesn’t respond to repeated efforts at negotiation by Syria.  We’re told Israel would dearly love to negotiate, but ‘the Americans’ prohibit it.  Olmert is now saying that Israel is not ‘enthusiastic’ about attacking Iran, but if it happens, watch for the story that ‘the Americans’ forced a reluctant Israel to do it.  Israel is, as always, the universal victim, and all the fault is with ‘the Americans’.

Of course, this is a trick.  ‘The Americans’ are the neocons and the Jewish Billionaires Club.  They get their marching orders from Tel Aviv, and the orders are relayed to the Republicans through the Christian Zionists, and to the Democrats through the Jewish Billionaires themselves (power they get through huge political donations, and which everybody can clearly see manifested in the recent actions of the Democrats in Congress and the main Democrat Presidential candidates).  The neocons ensure that the Bush Administration acts in accordance with the orders, providing whatever cover for the decisions of the Israeli right that is required.  At the end of the day, the Israeli government can honestly say that ‘the Americans’ were behind all its worst decisions.

Chomsky and his ilk are merely a more sophisticated version of the same scam.  Everything Israel does is explained in terms of its subservience to the wishes and interests of the American Establishment.  This lie is becoming harder to maintain for two reasons:

  1. After the end of the Cold War, it has become impossible to see any real role for Israel in assisting the American Establishment (Benjamin Netanyahu’s War On Terror was created in Israeli think tanks in the early 1980s for the express purpose of replacing the Cold War as the reason for American support for Israel, all in anticipation of the fall of the Soviet Union); and
  2. American Establishment figures are now expressly arguing against the traditional unthinking American support for Israeli colonialism, an odd thing to do if Israeli colonialism benefits the American establishment.

The most recent manifestation of the sophisticated version of ‘the Americans did it’ is the current spate of writing that the attack on Iraq was really about oil, i.e., not about Israel.  This is rather obvious nonsense, betrayed by the ‘facts on the ground’ in Iraq itself, and I’ll need to revisit it.