Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another damp squib

After the fiasco of the Libby trial – where somehow a complete victory felt like a complete loss – the Democrat camp-followers were hoping for a big win with the consolation prize of the Plame testimony.  Note how carefully that testimony is crafted so that she doesn’t actually lie while leaving room for lots of speculation and quibbling.  The timing of when she “traveled to foreign countries on secret missions to find vital intelligence” is neatly finessed.  Theories still exist that she was some kind of anti-Bush Jane Bond (such theories all derive from information provided by anonymous CIA sources, with the most recent and politically stylish of them attempting to implicate Iran in anti-American activities), rappelling from helicopters into Tikrit to foil the WMD-planting plans of the evil Dr. Cheney, the Man With the Golden Shotgun.  In fact, Brewster-Jennings was a post-office box, and Plame was outed as a spy – probably by Ames to the Russians, and, separately, by the Cubans, through a dumb CIA mistake – long before Fleischer or Armitage – or whoever – opened his big mouth.  Since she was known to the international spook community it would not have been safe for her to operate undercover, or overseas, anywhere.  Somehow, I have trouble seeing the blond, blue-eyed and very female Plame being a very effective undercover agent in either Iraq or Turkey, but maybe I’m just sexist.