Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Darfur 'humanitarians'

Tony Blair has been musing about going out in style and leaving yet another nice legacy for the British by murdering hundreds of thousands more Muslims in Sudan and thus appeasing his ever blood-thirsty Lord (Blair regards killing Muslims as a ‘defining moral issue’).  He even wants a new ‘no-fly’ zone, the Anglo-American invention which was so successfully used to lock up Saddam (those who still fool themselves into thinking Saddam wouldn’t have done anything to reenter the international community as Libya was later allowed to do, including turning over access to the oil which supposedly is the reason for the attack on Iraq, might want to read this).  I’ve already written about Darfur and the horrible hypocrisy of covering up the savage desire to murder Muslims under the cloak of humanitarianism.  There is not the slightest doubt that the Anglo-American intervention called for by the Zionists and Christian fruitcakes will result in the death of hundreds of thousands of people who would not otherwise have died (‘excess deaths’), and anyone who wants to dispute it has only to look at what is going on in Iraq.  Darfur is a Sudanese problem, and needs to be solved by the government of Sudan, with the help of other African governments.

Tony Hendra does an outstanding job of mocking the ‘humanitarians’.  Jewish lovers of the suffering people of Darfur might want to give some love to those people . . . what are they called again? . . . oh yeah, the Palestinians.