Sunday, March 11, 2007

Definitive ZOG experiment

I love testable theories.  The best way to test a theory is to make a prediction based on the theory, and see what actually happens.  Nancy Pelosi has put language in the Iraq war spending bill that would prevent Bush from going to war in Iran without the approval of Congress.  This, of course, just confirms the constitutional power of Congress which has essentially been a dead letter in recent decades.  AIPAC is opposing (or here; see also here) such language.  Rahm Emanuel is ‘predicting’ (hint, hint) that the language won’t survive. 

Here we have the definitive ZOG experiment.  If the language stays, the United States, and the Democratic Party, aren’t under the complete control of the ZOG run by the Israeli extreme right and the Jewish Billionaires Club.  If the language, which seems innocuous and obvious for a party that has regained political control solely on the basis of its opposition to more Bush wars, is removed or emasculated, we will have one hundred per cent proof that American foreign and military policy is being run exclusively by and for the interests of a foreign power.