Monday, March 26, 2007

Enough to make you sick

The last paragraph of this sarcastic column by William M. Arkin (found via Wot Is It Good 4) is spot on:

“Maybe Valerie Plame in fact was a skilled case officer running a key agent of some foreign intelligence service providing inside information about weapons of mass destruction. So skilled, so crucial to our national security that her husband can write a political op-ed in The New York Times revealing his own clandestine relationship with the agency, a relationship that was sure to be linked back to his wife. I say one less incompetent and nincompoop on the government payroll.”

Arkin is also completely right in advocating the repeal the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act (and generally reflecting this old comment from Cryptome), and in his snide comments about the usefulness of the very pale CIA – none paler than Plame – in a multi-colored world.  Those ‘covert’ CIA agents must stand out like sore thumbs. 

The saddest thing about this whole incident is how quickly the American ‘left’, i. e. partisan supporters of the Democrats, wanted to believe anything told them by the CIA as it fit with their attack on the Bush Administration.  Plame ‘covert’?  Well, it must be true as a high CIA official, wiping the torture blood off his hands as he gave his testimony, reconfirmed the consistent CIA story.  The CIA is a professional lying (and torturing, and drug smuggling) organization.  You might as well ask Pinocchio.  The ‘left’ didn’t stop at obscene credulity – no, it went on to treat Plame and the CIA as if they were the final bastion for Americans against the Islamist hoards.  While the Plame incident proved that the Bush Administration are hypocrites when it comes to really caring about Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’, the reaction to it makes the American ‘left’ look even worse.  It’s enough to make you sick.  You know you’re fucked when the ‘left’ is more odious than the ‘right’.