Sunday, March 18, 2007

KSM and Omar Saeed Sheikh

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s ‘confession’ is largely being treated by even the American mainstream media as a joke.  It is very unlikely that the story of the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is accurate (in fact, the real KSM may never have been in custody), the confessions were obtained after years of torture, the text of the confession was redacted, and you can’t trust the Bush Administration about anything anyway.  Even the content of the confession is so over-the-top that the Americans appear to have undermined the credibility of their own deception.  In fact, given the circumstances of how the confession was obtained, and the fact that he was almost certainly not speaking English, we have to assume, even on a best case scenario, that much of the confession has been manufactured (which is why that we can’t read too much into mistakes in details like a change of the name of a building, as it would not be unreasonable for American translators to improve the text by giving buildings the name by which they are currently known).

I just wanted to touch on the implications of the fact that KSM has taken credit for the Pearl murder.  If you tie this in with Musharraf’s claim that Omar Saeed Sheikh is a British intelligence agent – something which, on its face, makes a lot of sense – the KSM confession may be part of a campaign to get Omar Saeed Sheikh out of the Pakistani jail in which he supposedly still sits.  As I have pointed out, if you combine the idea that Omar is a British intelligence agent with allegations that he wired money to Atta, it certainly puts a different spin on the September 11 attacks.