Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life in Iraq is complicated

There is a good posting in Lenin’s Tomb on the complexities of the Iraqi resistance (see also this Sunni rant), referring to this article on a speech by Kamal Majid (together with a swell Latuff cartoon).  Life in Iraq is complicated.  Superimposed on a real civil war is a multifaceted resistance, comprised of both Sunni and Shi’ite groups.  Despite that, the Americans have decided to concentrate only on killing Sunnis, to the extent that the Shi’ite groups are keeping a low profile when required, in order to remain off the American radar.  To keep a scorecard is practically impossible.  The main Shi’ite militia groups are vehemently opposed to the Shi’ite pro-Iranian government of Iraq (which is being blamed by the Bush Administration for all the problems in Iraq), the Americans have decided to leave the Shi’ite militias alone and kill Sunnis, who are the mortal enemies of Iran, but whom the Americans claim are armed by Iran, which is, of course, supposed to be the enemy of the United States.  Neither the Iraqi Army nor the terrorists – trained by the Americans and Israelis – operating in Iraq can be counted on to kill the people the Americans want killed.  According to Seymour Hersh, as the Americans are attacking Sunni groups in Iraq, they are simultaneously financing, with the help of the Saudis, revolutionary Sunni groups associated with al Qaeda in Lebanon and Syria (the prominent reference to al Qaeda makes Hersh’s reporting somewhat suspect, although it may just be his idea of a joke; note that his details in Lebanon, if not the master plan, has been seriously questioned), with the goal of reducing Iranian influence, while Saudi King Abdullah and Iranian President Ahmadinejad have a friendly meeting (not to forget Cheney’s peculiar mission to Sunni Pakistan to threaten regime change there if more efforts aren’t made against the mythical al Qaeda).  As Lenin’s Tomb points out, the civil war, largely instigated by American actions, both open warfare and covert terrorism, is being spun as the main excuse for both the failure of the Bush Administration in Iraq, and the ‘necessity’ of remaining ‘in country’ and continuing to kill Iraqis (who deserve what they get for not gratefully receiving the gift of ‘democracy’ from the selfless American people).  As crazy as all this sounds, it fits the pattern.  The only rational explanation is to create a war of everybody against everybody, the ultimate goal of the Zionists, both Christian and Jewish, and very Ledeen-esque.