Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ZOG proof

A couple days ago I stuck my neck out and made a prediction based on the stranglehold that the Jewish Billionaires Club has over the Democratic Party.  I said that my prediction coming true (or here or here) would prove the Zionist control over the Democrats, but I never believed it would come true so quickly.  Those of you who are still struggling with the ZOG thesis really have to ask yourselves if there is any evidence which would make you see the truth.  Americans, a people morally and legally responsible for the 650,000 excess deaths in Iraq, something which isn’t even the tiniest political issue (Democrats are pretending to care about withdrawal while doing everything they can to ensure it doesn’t happen), like to quibble about the tone of the thesis, as if people responsible for mass murder without even the slightest moral twinge are really so solicitous of the finer feelings of the Jewish community.  The real reason for rejection of the (increasingly obvious) ZOG thesis is the fact that people proudly living in the Most Powerful Country in the World are embarrassed that a handful of Jewish poindexters managed to take over their entire military and diplomatic policy apparatus, and run them for the sole benefit of a tiny foreign country.  What is even worse is that the Democrats, the party that is supposed to save the Republic, are even more in the pockets of the Zionists than the Republicans (the Bush White House is clearly starting to free itself from the Zionists, with American ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, usually identified as a neocon, going out of his way to shake the hand of the Iranian envoy, something he didn’t have to do and an obvious reference to the fact that the adults are back in charge; note how the Zionists are spinning the meeting, with ‘jovial’ talks being called no talks at all).

Why is it so important to recognize the truth of the ZOG? Israel has some extremely dark plans, including attacks on Lebanon again, and an attack on Syria.  There are even people high in the Israeli government muttering about an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran, an attack which would cause thousands of immediate deaths (not to mention thousands more in Israel from the counterattack), and perhaps tens of thousands of lingering deaths from the radiation, lead to World War III, and cause a world-wide recession.  All the while, the Palestinians are literally being starved to death, genocide only being staved off by United Nations relief efforts (efforts which have been under attack in the United States by the Zionists, as there is nothing more anti-Semitic than keeping Arabs from starving to death).  None of these dark plans would even be a possibility if Israel couldn’t count on the American support bought by the Jewish Billionaires Club.  The Israeli right will continue its evil plans, plans which don’t even benefit Israel, until Americans recognize the importance of the ZOG, and until the kind of overt support for Zionism, exemplified by the three major Democrat candidates for President having to kiss AIPAC’s ass, becomes a political kiss of death in American politics.  People whose pride won’t allow them to admit the truth of the ZOG thesis are morally responsible for the horrors that have yet to flow from the ZOG.