Monday, April 30, 2007

Protecting the 'deep state' under the guise of secularism

As was the case in the Ukraine and Lebanon and Venezuela, we’re going to be seeing a lot of anti-democracy demonstrations in Turkey which purport to be pro-democracy demonstrations.  The particular Turkish spin is promoting a ‘secular’ government, but the real point is to protect the establishment/military/‘deep state’/Zionist/organized crime interests that have been running Turkey for so many years.  How much money do you figure the National Endowment for Democracy is spending on protecting the ‘deep state’?

In the recent international poll on the perceived positive and negative influence of various countries, the poll where the two most positive were Canada and Japan, and the most negative was Israel (with hugely negative views of Israel practically everywhere – must be the anti-Semitism!), it was the Turks who had the smallest percentage of positive views of Israel, the same country that has been leading its politicians around by the nose for years.  All the contradictions in the odd Turkey-Israel alliance are coming to a head in the Kurdish problem in Iraq.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Luttwak loves the 'deep state'

Foaming-at-the-mouth Edward Luttwak writes about Turkey.  The whole thing is a treat, but I particularly liked the last sentence.  You have to remember that the people he is writing about are the reformers, the group which is pulling Turkey away from the malign influence of the ‘deep state’.  As an example, the famous attacks against writers and journalists in Turkey is not the work of the Islamists which Luttwak fangs, but of the right-wingers – ‘deep state’ military and organized crime figures who are pals of Israel and the American Zionists – fighting a rear-guard action against modernization of Turkey.  Luttwak in fact turns the whole thing backasswards, fingering the reformers who want to bring Turkey closer to Europe as crazed religious radicals who want to join Europe so they can begin the Islamification of Europe(!).  For Luttwak, the neo-fascists are the good guys.

Failing to stress that the people who are now running Turkey are ‘deep state’ opponents is also a problem with the Sibel Edmonds arguments.  The 1996 Susurluk car crash is ancient history.

Addendum:  in case you’re blocked from seeing the entire article, here is the entire last paragraph:

“The AKP has the parliamentary seats to elect Abdullah Gul president, removing a major barrier to Islamization, although not more than 15 per cent of the population at most would want to transform Turkey into a full-blown Islamic republic under strict Sunni Muslim law. But the AKP is patient, and is clearly willing to defer Turkey's Islamization if it can advance Europe's.”

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lobby media control, continued

Sulzberger’s incompetent management of the New York Times, incompetence which includes his unwavering and anti-American support for Lobby hobby-horses like the attack on Iraq, the war on Somalia, and the slurring of Iran, is leading to shareholder dissent, with the possible wresting of control away from the Sulzberger family, and thus the Lobby.  This can’t be allowed to happen, so another member of the Jewish Billionaire’s Club, Howard Milstein, is stepping in to ensure that the grayhounds continue to run the New York Times (and, on the same topic, more on Sam Zell here).

Obviously, the Lobby doesn’t control every media outlet, so how does the control work?  Say you own a newspaper in a city in Kansas.  You’re not particularly ideological, and really believe in trying to report the truth in the mythical tradition of the free American press.  Somebody writes an article mildly critical of Israel, and you print it.  Suddenly, your biggest advertiser, the Jewish businessman who owns the local car dealership, angrily phones you, talking of anti-Semitic lies and threatening to permanently pull his advertising.  When you protest, he says the article must be lies, as he has never seen anything like it in the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times.  What can you say in response?  This advertiser, unlike all your other advertisers, gives you no grief on any subject except for Israel and the Middle East.  The only logical thing to do is to be sure to always follow the line drawn by the big, Lobby-controlled papers, and avoid truth about Israel and the Middle East.

Watch Finkelstein do the Chomsky

This is sad.  Norman Finkelstein, who has done such important work in ripping Dershowitz apart – admittedly, an absurdly easy task – shows his true colors as a ‘Zionist lite’ and feebly attempts to make the argument, against mountains of conclusive evidence to the contrary, that the Lobby wasn’t really behind the attack on Iraq.  Fortunately for truth and sheer decency, he is up against James Petras, who rips every one of Finkelstein’s pathetic arguments to shreds without even raising a sweat.  You can see how important the Lobby is for Zionists when someone like Finkelstein has to look like a fool in order to protect it.  Finkelstein even mentions my old friend Lenin, and the single most ridiculous of the Chomsky arguments, regarding Israeli arms deals to China, an issue I must return to (as, contrary to Chomsky’s desperate argument, the facts regarding covert Israeli sales of secret American military technology to China so conclusively proves the power of the Lobby).

Thursday, April 26, 2007

At witz end

The grayhound that runs the World Bank is in a spot of trouble, and is just managing to hang on by his fangs.  There are some fun dynamics to his plight.  When the old colonial powers were dividing up the spoils through the use of the new international organizations created to squeeze every last bit of wealth from the old colonial victims, the deal was that the Europeans would get to run the IMF, while the Americans would get to run the World Bank.  Thus, when the Lobby arranged for Bush to arrange for Wolfowitz to escape to a cushy and fancy job at the World Bank, the Europeans had to grin and bear it, or risk throwing their own IMF fiefdom up for grabs.  The worst possible scenario was that the European-American fight might lead to calls for someone from one of the victim nations to run one or both of these plunderers, which would be a disaster.  It is, after all, the white man’s burden.

Wolfie, one of the greatest war criminals in all of history (no exaggeration whatsoever, as he was instrumental in destroying much of international law, as well as a whole, innocent, country), was a hard sell, but he presented himself as a reformer who would eliminate corruption at the bank.  He then stocked all the key positions he could with old cronies who helped him with the attack on Iraq, and got his hand caught in the petty cash when he attempted to arrange for the overly-generous payment of his mistress/‘girlfriend’ out of public funds.  Eurotrash politicians understand the last concept very well – indeed, paying for the mistress(es) out of public funds seems to be their main reason for going into politics – but the sum total of Wolfie’s indiscretions amounted to an insult to the Europeans.  When you add the fact that the staff of the bank hate him, his position is untenable.

If this were a normal situation, Wolfowitz would have already resigned, but, as always, this has turned into a test of strength for the Lobby.  Since the Zionists put all their eggs in the basket of controlling the American government, the ultimate ScareJew is the loss of American sponsorship.  Thus, all issues even peripherally involving the Lobby become a sort of referendum on the continuing power of the Lobby in American politics.  The Americans have to continue to prove their love.  This paranoia really started with the failure of the Americans last summer to do what the neocons wanted and attack Lebanon/Syria (the first signs of sanity in American foreign policy in years, and the return to consciousness of the American Establishment), and the problem continues with the ongoing failure of the Americans to attack Iran.  Every perceived slight is a reminder of Holocaust II, and thus this has become another unnecessary embarrassment for the United States.

'The Trial' of Azmi Bishara

The latest outrage out of Israel is the idea that Arab Israelis are a fifth column of traitors.  Given the systematically racist treatment they receive from their own country, one could hardly blame them, but they have been remarkably accepting of everything the Zionists have been able to dish out.  The basic Zionist premise is that the Nakba was a mistake because it didn’t go far enough, and Israel will have a ‘demographic problem’ as long as any considerable number of Arabs remain in Israel.  The idea that all Arabs are traitors is intended to facilitate the wholesale transfers of Arab Israeli citizens to the Occupied Territories – or those tiny parts (temporarily) reserved for Palestinians – in return for ‘concessions’ from the Israelis in (temporarily) slowing down the stealing of land by the Israelis from the Palestinians.  This will initially take the form of imposed – and thus illegal – border shifts, by which Israeli Arabs will suddenly find themselves deprived of Israeli citizenship and on the Palestinian side of the border, a (temporary) ‘gift’ of land by Israel which will be paid for in the (permanent) recognition of the ongoing Israeli thefts of Palestinian land.  As always, the crimes against humanity will not be Israel’s fault as they were ‘forced’ by the hateful traitors in their midst to deal with the ‘terrorist threat’ against the very existence of the Jewish people (you know the drill by heart).

The treatment of Arab Israeli legislator Azmi Bishara, which is like something out of Jewish writer Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ (he may or may not have been charged with something or other, but even to speak of it is, apparently, treasonous, and the self-imposed media blackout in Israel is only now being ever-so-slightly lifted to hint that he is thought to have assisted Hezbollah, a kind of clever way of slandering him while pretending not to be able to say anything), is the first step in the demonization of all Israeli Arabs, a necessary part of the conditioning of Israeli and American opinion for the next step in the series of outrages.

Maybe he's born with it

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has an ‘image consultant’ who advises him on such important matters as which shade of eyeliner to use (really!; it was thought that he needed some help).  The good part is that she is also a clairvoyant, shades (so to speak) of Nancy and Ronald Reagan and, from Canadian history, the psychic adventures of William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Check your number?

Is this (from here) a joke?

Back in the saddle

Sorry for the posting drought. I’m back in the saddle, with lots to say. I just have to read a few ‘feeds’ first.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Big job opportunities for stupid people

There are some rather stunning facts – along with a lot of bullshit, including a curious discussion of ‘stovepiping’ – about the CIA in an interview of CIA Director Michael V. Hayden by C-SPAN's Brian Lamb, brought to us by Cryptome .  Hayden answers Lamb’s question about the $45 billion (!) budget he already has and where he would spend it if he had even more money (my emphasis in red):

“I could go through our budget and pick out little niches there, where just a few more dollars - and in our terms, you know, $10 million here or $20 million there - can really make a difference. But by and large, the community as a whole, CIA in particular, has benefited from the resources that the American people - acting through the Congress and the president - the resources the American people have given us since 9/11. Right now, my biggest challenge is absorbing the growth we've had inside the agency and putting these new resources to work in an efficient and effective way. And it's - sure, it has something to do with the money, but it really has to do with people. Let me give you a sense of scale here, Brian. And I have to talk around it a little bit, because the numbers are classified. But let me give you a sense. One-seventh of the Central Intelligence Agency has been hired in the last 12 months. One-fifth of our analysts have been hired in the last 12 months. Fifty percent of the agency has been hired since 9/11. I mean, that's tremendous growth. It's a tremendous opportunity.”

Friday, April 20, 2007


I’ve been up for over twenty-four hours, long even by my standards, so I won’t try to continue my work on the new model of the Middle East right now, but I note that the information conveyed by this map is critical (speaking of maps, this one is also interesting; as you can see, civilized places are marked in white).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Establishment Plan for the Middle East

The Establishment Plan for the Middle East was based on a model developed by the British and French after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.  You start by drawing some sloppy national borders.  Then you pick as the leader of each country someone from a minority group or clan, someone who will require the assistance of the imperial power in order to stay alive.  In return for imperial support, the grateful leader provides a favorable deal on the oil.  The model has worked perfectly – at least from the point of view of the Establishment – for decades, and is still working like a charm in those places not touched by neocon ‘improvements’ to the model.

When a neocon’s car breaks down, he parks it in his garage next to his other vehicles, pours gasoline over it, lights it on fire, and hopes that the car, his other vehicles, his garage, his whole house, and the entire neighborhood, burns.  In a nutshell, that is the Zionist model.  The plan is to use the attack on Iraq to set the entire Middle East on fire, leading to the weakening of all possible opponents to the Zionist Empire.  Contrast that with the Establishment model.  When an Establishment car breaks down, they send it to be fixed by swapping out a part.  When a leader isn’t providing proper service to the Empire, they don’t start a war,  They just swap out a part, like the CIA did in 1953 in Iran.  A nice clean coup which doesn’t mess with the oil fields.

Pumping oil isn’t as easy as it looks.  It requires a completely stable political environment, preferably supplied by a ruthless dictator beholden for his power to the Empire.  The pipes and ports required to move the oil are very delicate, and essentially indefensible, so you have to depend on the dictator to provide the political stability necessary to move the oil out of the ground, and out of the country.  The huge downside to a war in countries under the Establishment Plan is that the systems are set up to be inherently unstable.  A war is a disaster, as it allows all the forces held in check by the dictator  to run amok, leading to exactly the kind of problems we are seeing in Iraq, and the danger, promoted by the neocons, of causing a domino effect in every other country set up on a similarly unstable basis in the Middle East.

Even the Gulf War followed the Establishment Plan.  When Saddam got out of line by interfering with Kuwait oil production, they didn’t set out to destroy Iraq with a war in Iraq.  They simply did what was required to push Saddam out of Kuwait, and intentionally didn’t follow him to Baghdad.  They then had the option of doing a deal with him to bring him back into the fold, like they have subsequently done with Libya, or swap him out with another Sunni general.  In neither case do they mess with anyone’s oil fields.

There is a stark contrast between the completely destructive Zionist Plan for the Middle East, and the Establishment Plan for the Middle East.  Of course, neither does the people living under these regimes much good, but at least the Establishment Plan leaves them alive.  The Establishment Plan also protects oil production, something not a part of the Zionist Plan.  This has finally become clear to the Establishment, prompting the resistance to Zionism which we are starting to see.


Monday, April 16, 2007


In one of the most recent episodes of ‘Family Guy’, Peter Griffin decides that his Jewish neighbor and friend, Mort Goldman, is ‘mooching’ too many things from him (the last straw is a cross without Jesus on it!), so he decides to do something about it.  Peter builds a ‘ScareJew’, a scarecrow in the shape of Hitler, and puts it outside his front door.  Mort comes ambling up towards the house, preparing to ‘mooch’ something else, sees the ScareJew, and  . . .  runs screaming down the street.  It works!

The big Zionist Plan for the Middle East is a long, four-part plan.  The first step started with covert mass immigration of Jewish settlers on Arab lands, continued with the attacks against the British (back in the day when ‘terrorism’ was a good thing!), and ended with the establishment of Israel and the first large ethnic cleansing operation in 1947 (the Nakba).  There was then a period of relative calm until the early 60s, when the second phase began.  That consisted of arranging for wars to seize what is now known as the ‘Occupied Territories’, and the slow-motion ethnic cleansing which was started with the establishment of the settlements.  We are now seeing the end of the second stage.  The attack against Iraq which Jewish traitors fooled the Americans into making was the first part of the third stage, which is essentially Wurmser’s plan prepared for Netanyahu.  The fourth and final stage will be the establishment of the Zionist Empire from the Euphrates to the Nile (Egypt is what Zionist Murawiec called “Egypt the Prize").

The sort of atrocities which were planned for Israel to steal land from the Palestinians were so outrageous that Israeli strategists knew they would need a massive propaganda campaign.  It was thus in the early to mid 60s when we started to hear about Jews as victims, with the accompanying preoccupation with the Holocaust (something which until that time was largely treated with embarrassed silence).  ‘Never again’ was the excuse for the hyper-vigilance of the Jewish people against even the remotest possibility of a new Holocaust, thus justifying any and all crimes against the Palestinians and others.

The problem with the kind of acting needed to pull off an effective lie is that you end up actually believing the lie itself.  The essential truth behind the ‘Family Guy’ joke is that a large percentage of the middle aged Jewish leaders in the United States and Israel quite firmly believe that evidence of the upcoming new Holocaust is everywhere.  This paranoid delusion is both their strength and their weakness.  The delusion allows them to justify any crimes and deceit, and gives them the determination of a psychopath.  On the other hand, the delusion means they are incapable of living in the real world, as they cannot understand the difference between fact and fiction.  Everything is an anti-Semitic trick.  The Zionists have been claiming for years that all that they do, including the building of the settlements, is for the security of Israel.  Now that the Arabs are presenting the Saudi plan, guaranteeing security in return for removal of the settlements, the Israelis find themselves unable to agree.  Of course, they can’t agree because part of their grand deception is to use the ruse of security in order to cover the building of an empire.  The added problem is that they have come to actually believe the deception.

People like Chomsky have been covering for Israel for years by vociferously complaining about what Israel does, but blaming it all on the American Establishment.  Thus, the only cure for Israeli outrages is replacing the American Establishment by some kind of social anarchist revolution in the United States.  As that isn’t going to happen, Chomsky was able to buy the Zionists the critical time necessary for the planned slow-motion ethnic cleansing.  Chomsky is probably the most important hero in the history of Zionist imperialism, effectively soaking up all the progressive intellectual ‘space’ which would naturally rally against Zionist violence.

The Noamian deception was based on an essential truth.  Until the fall of the Soviet Union, there was an arrangement whereby Israel would look after American Establishment interests in the Middle East.  The bifurcation of the interests of the American Establishment and the Zionists only appeared when the Wurmser plan was pushed to its logical conclusion, which is the use of Iraq to cause violent revolutions in every country in the Middle East.  The ‘surge’ is not intended to calm the situation; it is intended to push Iraq over the edge by creating a permanent, and contagious, Sunni-Shi’ite war.  This plan is part of the Yinon-inspired scheme to break up every country in the Middle East, and finally remove the oil weapon from the Arabs.  It was only when the American Establishment finally realized what the Zionist Plan actually entailed, the loss of trillions of dollars of wealth in the fury of revolution, that we started to hear complaints (although, contrary to the new Zionist revisionism, neither the oil companies nor American Establishment figures ever supported the attack on Iraq). 

If you are a big-brained Establishment advisor, the kind whose advice is so good it never appears in either the media or academic fumbling, what do you do?  The Jewish Billionaires control almost all the American media.  The Zionists have a stranglehold over the Democrats (through the political donations of the Jewish Billionaires), and close to a stranglehold over the Republicans (thanks to the Christian Zionists).  The muted bleating of the few Establishment spokesmen is largely lost in the clatter of war-mongering Zionists.  All the pundits, both left and right, tacitly support the Zionist plans.  The Jewish leaders in the United States and Israel are clinically insane, unable to recognize even the best interests of Israel.  Any time Jewish leaders even whisper the words ‘anti-Semite’ or ‘Holocaust’, American and European leaders twist themselves into knots. 

Given the grim environment, what does an American Establishment thinker advise his clients to do to save trillions of dollars from the coming revolutions planned by the insane Jewish leaders and their even more insane henchmen?  Understanding the hidden plans of the American Establishment is the first background stage in the new model for understanding the Middle East.

Imus insults the One True God

There is an awful lot of lefty self-satisfaction over the firing of Don Imus.  We shouldn’t be shocked that the guy fired in a long list of racist talk show hosts was also the only one commonly listened to in Washington who wasn’t consistently ultra-conservative.  Despite the fact he is identified as ‘one of the boys’, he appeared to be the only talk show host who cared about ideas rather than just following a knee-jerk right-wing ideology.  Note his interview with Senator Schumer (originally attached to this Sam Smith posting:  scroll down here;  part of interview also here).  Can you imagine any other personality in the American media treating a politician in this way?  Where’s the fawning?  Where’s the ass kissing?  Part of his status as ‘one of the boys’ gave him the liberty to call out bullshit when he saw it, and he was only unusual in that he exercised that liberty.  Sam Smith also notes, following Peter Wallsten, that the removal of Imus means that there is now no prominent place for non-conservatives to obtain a fair shake on the radio.

Of course, Imus’ sin wasn’t about race, it was a question of blasphemy.  He insulted the hair of the only true god Americans have, amateur sports teams.  The nappy-haired ho who thought she could get some justice regarding whatever the Duke lacrosse team did to her (do you think for one moment that a ‘professional’ would subject herself to what she has had to go through unless something happened?), and the prosecutor who was just doing his job but failed to explain to her the ‘facts of life’ about the Old South (and is now being lynched for doing his job), learned the same lesson.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Paying for your gassing with your own gold teeth

There is a Palestinian farmer named Mohammed Abdel Aziz Sabatin who faces daily harassment from Israeli settlers from Bettar Illit.  He has already lost much of his land due to the fact that it was confiscated to build the illegal settlement.  Now, the settlers spend much of their time engaging in traditional Jewish cultural activities, like burning down his olive trees.  The last time they tried it, the fire got out of hand, and the settlement itself had to send firefighters to put out the blaze.  Needless to say, they have sent him a bill for their ‘services’, a bill too large for him to pay.  Also, needless to say, the alternative to paying is the confiscation by the settlement of the rest of his land.

Gary Fields, who wrote about this (in an American newspaper!; the editors are brave!), wonders who the real terrorists are (article found via jews sans frontieres):

“In truth, Sabatin is the personification of a much bigger campaign that has been going on since 1947-48 when Palestinians owned about 90 percent of the land in historic Palestine. Now Palestinians own about 12 percent of the land in their historic homeland and this amount continues to decrease as land policies, including the activities of settlements, continue to encroach on, and confiscate, Palestinian land and property while transferring Palestinians into ever-smaller territorial spaces. Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister of Israel and the architect of the settlement policy, described this campaign as a policy of taking Palestinian land ‘dunum by dunum.’

These policies raise questions about the real purveyors of terror and its victims. The occupation of Palestine by Israel has removed all rights of Palestinians to land and has undermined their capacity to make a living where they have existed for centuries. Palestinians have no security when their land and livelihood can be taken at any time. Until the occupier recognizes these rights, the tragedy of Mohammed Sabatin will continue – and the conflict will not rest.”

Lobbyology 101: Media Control

It is apparently the height of anti-Semitism to point out that a handful of extreme Zionist Jewish Billionaires control much of the American media, and use such control to influence American politics.  Sam Zell is probably about to own the Tribune Company, which owns 23 television stations and many newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times,  From an article in the Forward on Zell (emphasis throughout in red):

“The Chicago Tribune, the company’s flagship publication, has had a famously antagonistic relationship with the Jewish community in Chicago – historically because of its right-wing, isolationist stance during World War II, and more recently because of its critical coverage of Israel. Newspaper watchers say that Zell and the Tribune will be an interesting mix.”


“Even before the Tribune went with Zell’s bid to take the company private, it was clear that the white, Anglo-Saxon culture of the Tribune would be challenged by a Jewish businessman. The major bidder besides Zell was Los Angeles Jewish businessman Eli Broad and his business partner, Ronald Burkle, (who has widely but wrongly been described as Jewish). The deal for the Tribune is not closed, and Broad and Burkle still could be able to best Zell’s offer of $34 a share.

Another Jewish businessman, Hollywood supermogul David Geffen, is said to be in talks now with Zell to buy control of the Los Angeles Times. The Times is the largest single property owned by the Tribune and has a contentious history with the Los Angeles Jewish community, strikingly similar to the Tribune’s in Chicago.”

and (on the hilarious ‘debate’ on whether Zell’s ultra-Zionist politics will end up influencing the newspapers):

“Given that Zell appears to be close to closing the deal for the Tribune, much media scrutiny has shifted toward how his background might shape the papers. One question that is asked frequently is whether Zell will follow the model of Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, who has pressed his political views on his media properties, or whether he will concentrate only on the business side.

In an interview with the Tribune last week, Zell suggested that he would not be involved editorially. ‘Do I look naive enough to think I have any influence about what people write?’ Zell asked in his blunt fashion.

Still, Zell has made it clear that he does have an interest in the things his new media properties cover. In the interview last week, he said that his favorite newspaper columnists are Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Friedman and David Brooks, all of whom are Jewish and two of whom write frequently and sympathetically about Israel.

Zell himself is a major donor to causes in the Middle East. His donations include a $3.1 million donation to the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center in Israel and separate donations to the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress, a right-wing Israeli think tank. In the United States, he has given major gifts to such Jewish causes as the American Jewish Committee and a Chicago Jewish day school named after his father. All this is on top of his political donations, which have gone mostly to Republican candidates.”


“Ken Reich, a former Los Angeles Times reporter who operates a blog about the paper, said he assumes that Zell will shape the policy of his papers to some degree.

‘If he cares about the State of Israel, he won’t want his newspaper to be out there chipping away at Israeli interests,’ said Reich, who reported mostly on politics during his 39 years at the Times.

Reich said that at the Times, shifting the editorial policy would require only that Zell be consulted in the hiring of the new editorial page editor – a position that was recently vacated.

‘It would not take very much tweaking by him to sharply alter the Times editorial policy on the Middle East,’ Reich said. ‘I tend to expect this to happen.’”


“Zell’s arrival at the Tribune has been met with some disappointment in Los Angeles. That has included newspaper staffers who have expressed anxiety over the financial deal structured by Zell whereby he uses employee pensions to finance most of the deal, putting in only $315 million himself and pushing much of the risk onto the employees.”

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dr Mengele's new lab

In a country famous for conducting illegal medical experiments on its own citizens, it is perhaps not surprising to find that Palestinian political prisoners are being used as subjects for illegal medical experiments.  There is no direct proof of this – nor would there be, unless an Israeli doctor confesses, as the experiments are done without the knowledge or consent of the prisoners – but the allegation is based on the combination of a marked decrease in the health of the prisoners coupled with an admission that there was an annual increase of 15 percent in the number of permits given to the Israeli ministry of health to conduct experiments on Palestinian prisoners.  This is just one of a long monthly list of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

One of the most striking connections between Israel and the United States is Israel’s participation in the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, and the ability to conduct experiments that would not be legal in any other country must be a big selling point for Israeli medical researchers.  It is difficult not to be reminded of similar experiments in the past.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The general behind the curtain

I think the rewrite story is extremely important, and won’t receive the attention it deserves.  This type of military control over the mainstream media no doubt happens all the time (and is one of the key identifying points of a military dictatorship such as the United States), but it takes a very rare combination of events for it to become so obvious:

  1. A Pentagon spokesman has to misspeak, i. e., tell the truth, and say something outside the ambit of Pentagon propaganda.
  2. A reporter has to honestly report on what the spokesman said, and not engage in the usual self-censorship to bend the story to follow the Pentagon propaganda line.
  3. The editors have to miss the big problem in the story, and allow it to go out over the internet.
  4. Google News has to pick it up and preserve it for posterity.
  5. There has to be a discrepancy in the speed at which the two stories, the original and the rewrite, are fixed (Daily Kos commentator  seesdifferent notes that the original Reuters story was fixed subsequent to the fixing of the Washington Post story), so that the editing in the rewrite is obvious.
  6. Some eagle-eyed internet sleuths have to pick it up.

This extremely unlikely series of events directed us to the fact that the Washington Post fixes stories to follow the official Pentagon line.  Not only that, but it will go back and rewrite stories that mistakenly go out saying something different than the official Pentagon line.  One can only assume that the Pentagon is reading all the mainstream media stories on a real time basis, and is ordering rewrites in those rare occasions where the self-censorship by the mainstream media fails, and it mistakenly allows the truth to escape (the fact that the Washington Post and Reuters both fixed the story to remove the same part which disproved the Pentagon propaganda line is damning). 

The outrage, of course, is that mainstream media outlets go along with Pentagon requests, and fit their lies to the required Pentagon pattern.  This isn’t a case where there is any possible argument that military censorship is required in order to protect the lives of either American soldiers or civilians.  This is a part of a pattern of lies told by the American government about the alleged role of Iran in the Iraqi insurgency, lies with absolutely no legitimate military or political purpose.  These lies are intended to excuse the Pentagon’s abject failure in Iraq, and to provide the basis for an attack on yet another innocent sovereign nation that poses no threat to the United States.  People are increasingly obtaining their information about the world from sources other than the mainstream media because the mainstream media continues to demonstrate that it is not worthy of trust.


Eschaton catches the Washington Post in blatant media manipulation of the war in Iraq, manipulation so bad it can be called lying.  The original Reuters story contains the following paragraph concerning an American attack on the Iraqi city of Diwaniya, quoting American military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Bleichwehl:

“Bleichwehl said troops, facing scattered resistance, discovered a factory that produced ‘explosively formed penetrators’ (EFPs), a particularly deadly type of explosive that can destroy a main battle tank and several weapons caches.”

These are, of course, the famous explosives that the propagandists claim must be coming from Iran, as the locals in Iraq lack the sophistication to manufacture them.  Another lie busted.

But don’t count the Washington Post out yet.  In an extensive rewrite of the Reuters piece – in fact, so extensive, you can only see the original framework by looking carefully – the Washington Post scrubs the paragraph about the origin of the EFPs, but ensures that the following is inserted (emphasis in red):

“The U.S. military said two U.S. soldiers died in separate roadside bombings in the east and west of Baghdad on Friday.

One of the bombs was an explosively formed projectile, a particularly deadly type of device which Washington accuses Iran of supplying Iraqi militants.

In other words, they use the classic Judy Miller/Michael Gordon technique from the New York Times of passing on Bush Administration propaganda by ensuring that it is prominently placed – together with the appropriate weasel words referring back to the original, completely unquestioned, government source – so that there is no technical lying, although the intent is obviously to deceive (the last two honest paragraphs in the Reuters article have also gone missing).

It’s even worse.  As Eschaton notes, the Google News capture of the original article contains the original paragraph from the Reuters article.  In other words, the truth accidentally slipped out, and they had to rush to fix it.  I have to wonder whether the Washington Post news room has some kind of alarm that sounds in those rare cases when the truth is published and the entire staff is mobilized to suppress it.

And they wonder why people no longer buy newspapers.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Kurian link

I’ve changed the primary link for the original Philip Kurian comment to the re-posting of his comment by To the Audient Void, as the link might as well go to a site which supports his sentiments (though they need to change the spelling of his name).  As usual, the over-the-top reaction by the ‘community’ to Kurian’s measured comment goes a long way to proving the truth of its content.  The most disgusting thing is to see powerful people who feign lack of power in order to obtain even more power, which they then turn around and misuse.

There will be no attack on Iran

Tony Blair has been handed a casus belli on a silver platter, and still he cries for more negotiations.  The neocons, whose fangs must be aching, have been told to stand down, and have been relatively quiet.  Don’t you think it time for the ‘Iran talk’ to finally stop?  This has long passed being ridiculous.  There will be no attack on Iran, at least not by the Americans or the British. 

Speaking of ridiculous, Juan Cole and Patrick Cockburn, both of whom know better, carry the white man’s burden and put Western-centric ideas into the heads of the Iranians, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

By the way, I’m concocting a new general theory to reconcile the war for oil and war for no oil theses, and hoping to explain the oddity of what the American Establishment was doing when it stopped paying attention long enough to allow Bush to make the worst decision ever made by an American President.

A peculiar absence of grace

I’ve been looking for the Philip Kurian article published in the Duke Chronicle, which seems to have been airbrushed out of existence, leaving behind only the non-apology apology for the article, which, since the writer was black, everyone was relieved to take as an apology.  Duke, which is known both for sucking and for the values of the Old South as recently exemplified by its lacrosse team (shouldn’t Canada have the right to preclude sucky racists from playing its national game?), was attacked on all sides (largely as a covert way of attacking the Fourth Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement), as was Kurian, who was lucky to escape without a lynching (there were certainly calls for him to be expelled).  The original article, on a peculiar absence of grace, is reprinted here (link changed, but the original link is still here; see above), and is well worth reading, bearing in mind that over-generalizations are not always helpful, but are not always unhelpful.

Speaking of the peculiar absence of grace, James Petras writes about the shitheads who are blaming the deaths that occurred at Umm Naser on the Palestinians themselves.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Stay out of it

From the Guardian:

“Even though the prisoners are British rather than Americans, neocons have been desperate to head for television studios. The only reason they have not done so yet is a request by the British government to the Bush administration to stay out of it. Word has also reached members of Congress. The British fear is that even a mild rebuke from President George Bush, or a neoconservative such as John Bolton, will be counterproductive, escalating the crisis and making it harder to get the 15 back.”

This marks the first signs of intelligence Blair has shown in years.

Assorted links

Assorted links:

  1. The secret organization which runs the United States is called the Council for National Policy.  “The Deep Politics of God: The CNP, Dominionism, and the Ted Haggard Scandal” (part one, part two) should be read with care, as it contains the type of thinking which I believe gives conspiracy theory a bad name, but it makes a lot of connections worth thinking about, and describes the main players who are causing many of the problems in the United States now.
  2. The moral and intellectual decline of Israeli historian Benny Morris is sad.  Zionism is an awful thing for many reasons, not the least of which is that it makes people both stupid and hateful.  It has not only ruined Morris, but has turned the American Jewish intellectual community, long the engine of progressive politics in the United States, into a bunch of right-wing cranks.
  3. Social Fear and the Commodification of Terrorism” and “Phobocity” (London is Bibi’s ‘war on terror’ taken to its logical extreme), both found via wood s lot.  The problem with the Panopticon is that it doesn’t accomplish what it is supposed to do, stop crime and ‘terrorism’, but does something entirely different quite well, which is to create the climate of fear and suspicion which allows politicians to manipulate people into accepting wars and suspension of civil liberties.  Eventually, the people are going to have to go on a rampage and destroy all ‘security’ cameras.
  4. Serial killers Joseph Henry Burgess and Robert Fisher, both busy and missing.
  5. Is Israel Falling Apart?”  Yes.  See also the hilarious summary by Postman Patel of the group of pervs known as the Israeli diplomatic corps.  Allowing the settlements caused the intermixing of populations, which caused the ‘demographic problem’. which caused mass panic, which caused the wholesale importation of Russians, some of them Jewish but many of them organized crime figures seeking refuge in a country which refuses to extradite criminals, which caused the Israeli political system to be completely corrupted by a combination of mafiya money – see, e. g., here and here –  and the intellectual problem of running a state whose existence is predicated entirely on land theft and murder. 

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quality control

Out of the small amount of money sent to Iraq that hasn’t been stolen, the Americans are renovating Iraqi businesses in order to provide jobs to give the Iraqis something to do other than kill Americans.  The problems are that no business can be seen to be receiving such money (or it will be blown up), and that the Americans have auditing requirements that mean they have to inspect the renovations to make sure the money hasn’t been wasted (seeing that billions are missing, this is comical).  The solution?  Stage fake (original article here, but behind a subscription wall) raids on the businesses in question under the guise of looking for ‘terrorists’, and while conducting the fake interrogations surreptitiously inspect that the money has indeed been properly spent.  Some good excerpts:

“Because an office door was locked, the soldiers radioed Army Capt. Dan Cederman, who was leading the raid, to ask whether they should knock it down. ‘I told them that would kind of defeat the purpose,’ Capt. Cederman recalls. ‘We'd have just had to come back out the next day to fix it.’” 


“But given the hostility toward the U.S., officials aren't advertising their role. ‘The only way things will work is if the U.S. contribution is totally invisible,’ says Maj. Christina Nagy, a civil-affairs officer from the 82nd Airborne Division. ‘I have people with higher ranks than me always wanting to have a ribbon cutting. I just listen and think, 'Sure, if you want the companies to get immediately shot or blown up.’’”


“An Iraqi who worked as a translator for U.S. forces there was getting death threats from insurgents and asked the U.S. for help. The Americans responded by raiding his house, publicly arresting him, and holding him in jail for two days.

‘A lot of people there now think he's a bad guy,’ Capt. Cederman says. ‘It bought him a lot of street cred.’”

 Long live the glorious occupation!

Chronicle of a treason foretold

Every once and a while, David Frum comes out with something worth reading, if only in that it provides an insight into the neocon/Zionist pathology.  Remember the weird column about the morality of deception, written in the middle of the Israeli right’s takeover of Washington using that very kind of deception?  That column purported to examine the deception issue from the standpoint of ‘Jewish ethics’ (a flexible concept), while actually gloating about the success of the Zionist trickery!  Chutzpah!  Of course, the gloating was sub rosa, as it is considered to be the height of anti-Semitism to notice how badly the Americans have been tricked and manipulated.

Now, in the middle of the first stirrings of realization by the American right of how badly they have been had, Frum appears with a column attacking the first people to raise the issue, the paleoconservatives.  Until now, it has been the practice of the Jewish-Billionaire-controlled media to completely ignore the warnings, on the theory that they were not mainstream enough to attract attention, and would simply be treated as the rantings of those described as anti-Semites, like Patrick Buchanan.  Now that these rantings have been accepted by the American Establishment, and are slowing starting to enter mainstream American consciousness (as well as finally influencing, at least in part, American policies in the Middle East), the Jewish Billionaires are getting worried, and their loyal servant Frum has been instructed to begin the villification of people that most Americans have never even heard of (Frum’s hatchet job is published in, of all places, the National Review, demonstrating how off kilter and confused the National Review has become). He starts off by calling the paleos a bunch of in-fighting nuts (true), continues to imply that they are all racists (some probably are), and finally gets to the meat of the matter, the fact that they were the first, and only, people to explicitly connect the foreign policy of the Bush Administration with the interests of Israel.  In particular, the paleocons were the first people to notice the takeover by deception of American foreign policy by the neoconservatives working solely for Zionist interests and against the national interests of the United States.  Frum concludes the villification by calling the truth-tellers defeatists and haters of America.  The truth is coming out so fast that it has become necessary to take the risk of publicizing the work of the paleocons in order to smear them.