Saturday, April 21, 2007

Big job opportunities for stupid people

There are some rather stunning facts – along with a lot of bullshit, including a curious discussion of ‘stovepiping’ – about the CIA in an interview of CIA Director Michael V. Hayden by C-SPAN's Brian Lamb, brought to us by Cryptome .  Hayden answers Lamb’s question about the $45 billion (!) budget he already has and where he would spend it if he had even more money (my emphasis in red):

“I could go through our budget and pick out little niches there, where just a few more dollars - and in our terms, you know, $10 million here or $20 million there - can really make a difference. But by and large, the community as a whole, CIA in particular, has benefited from the resources that the American people - acting through the Congress and the president - the resources the American people have given us since 9/11. Right now, my biggest challenge is absorbing the growth we've had inside the agency and putting these new resources to work in an efficient and effective way. And it's - sure, it has something to do with the money, but it really has to do with people. Let me give you a sense of scale here, Brian. And I have to talk around it a little bit, because the numbers are classified. But let me give you a sense. One-seventh of the Central Intelligence Agency has been hired in the last 12 months. One-fifth of our analysts have been hired in the last 12 months. Fifty percent of the agency has been hired since 9/11. I mean, that's tremendous growth. It's a tremendous opportunity.”


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