Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chronicle of a treason foretold

Every once and a while, David Frum comes out with something worth reading, if only in that it provides an insight into the neocon/Zionist pathology.  Remember the weird column about the morality of deception, written in the middle of the Israeli right’s takeover of Washington using that very kind of deception?  That column purported to examine the deception issue from the standpoint of ‘Jewish ethics’ (a flexible concept), while actually gloating about the success of the Zionist trickery!  Chutzpah!  Of course, the gloating was sub rosa, as it is considered to be the height of anti-Semitism to notice how badly the Americans have been tricked and manipulated.

Now, in the middle of the first stirrings of realization by the American right of how badly they have been had, Frum appears with a column attacking the first people to raise the issue, the paleoconservatives.  Until now, it has been the practice of the Jewish-Billionaire-controlled media to completely ignore the warnings, on the theory that they were not mainstream enough to attract attention, and would simply be treated as the rantings of those described as anti-Semites, like Patrick Buchanan.  Now that these rantings have been accepted by the American Establishment, and are slowing starting to enter mainstream American consciousness (as well as finally influencing, at least in part, American policies in the Middle East), the Jewish Billionaires are getting worried, and their loyal servant Frum has been instructed to begin the villification of people that most Americans have never even heard of (Frum’s hatchet job is published in, of all places, the National Review, demonstrating how off kilter and confused the National Review has become). He starts off by calling the paleos a bunch of in-fighting nuts (true), continues to imply that they are all racists (some probably are), and finally gets to the meat of the matter, the fact that they were the first, and only, people to explicitly connect the foreign policy of the Bush Administration with the interests of Israel.  In particular, the paleocons were the first people to notice the takeover by deception of American foreign policy by the neoconservatives working solely for Zionist interests and against the national interests of the United States.  Frum concludes the villification by calling the truth-tellers defeatists and haters of America.  The truth is coming out so fast that it has become necessary to take the risk of publicizing the work of the paleocons in order to smear them.