Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dr Mengele's new lab

In a country famous for conducting illegal medical experiments on its own citizens, it is perhaps not surprising to find that Palestinian political prisoners are being used as subjects for illegal medical experiments.  There is no direct proof of this – nor would there be, unless an Israeli doctor confesses, as the experiments are done without the knowledge or consent of the prisoners – but the allegation is based on the combination of a marked decrease in the health of the prisoners coupled with an admission that there was an annual increase of 15 percent in the number of permits given to the Israeli ministry of health to conduct experiments on Palestinian prisoners.  This is just one of a long monthly list of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

One of the most striking connections between Israel and the United States is Israel’s participation in the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, and the ability to conduct experiments that would not be legal in any other country must be a big selling point for Israeli medical researchers.  It is difficult not to be reminded of similar experiments in the past.