Friday, April 27, 2007

Lobby media control, continued

Sulzberger’s incompetent management of the New York Times, incompetence which includes his unwavering and anti-American support for Lobby hobby-horses like the attack on Iraq, the war on Somalia, and the slurring of Iran, is leading to shareholder dissent, with the possible wresting of control away from the Sulzberger family, and thus the Lobby.  This can’t be allowed to happen, so another member of the Jewish Billionaire’s Club, Howard Milstein, is stepping in to ensure that the grayhounds continue to run the New York Times (and, on the same topic, more on Sam Zell here).

Obviously, the Lobby doesn’t control every media outlet, so how does the control work?  Say you own a newspaper in a city in Kansas.  You’re not particularly ideological, and really believe in trying to report the truth in the mythical tradition of the free American press.  Somebody writes an article mildly critical of Israel, and you print it.  Suddenly, your biggest advertiser, the Jewish businessman who owns the local car dealership, angrily phones you, talking of anti-Semitic lies and threatening to permanently pull his advertising.  When you protest, he says the article must be lies, as he has never seen anything like it in the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times.  What can you say in response?  This advertiser, unlike all your other advertisers, gives you no grief on any subject except for Israel and the Middle East.  The only logical thing to do is to be sure to always follow the line drawn by the big, Lobby-controlled papers, and avoid truth about Israel and the Middle East.