Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A peculiar absence of grace

I’ve been looking for the Philip Kurian article published in the Duke Chronicle, which seems to have been airbrushed out of existence, leaving behind only the non-apology apology for the article, which, since the writer was black, everyone was relieved to take as an apology.  Duke, which is known both for sucking and for the values of the Old South as recently exemplified by its lacrosse team (shouldn’t Canada have the right to preclude sucky racists from playing its national game?), was attacked on all sides (largely as a covert way of attacking the Fourth Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement), as was Kurian, who was lucky to escape without a lynching (there were certainly calls for him to be expelled).  The original article, on a peculiar absence of grace, is reprinted here (link changed, but the original link is still here; see above), and is well worth reading, bearing in mind that over-generalizations are not always helpful, but are not always unhelpful.

Speaking of the peculiar absence of grace, James Petras writes about the shitheads who are blaming the deaths that occurred at Umm Naser on the Palestinians themselves.