Monday, April 30, 2007

Protecting the 'deep state' under the guise of secularism

As was the case in the Ukraine and Lebanon and Venezuela, we’re going to be seeing a lot of anti-democracy demonstrations in Turkey which purport to be pro-democracy demonstrations.  The particular Turkish spin is promoting a ‘secular’ government, but the real point is to protect the establishment/military/‘deep state’/Zionist/organized crime interests that have been running Turkey for so many years.  How much money do you figure the National Endowment for Democracy is spending on protecting the ‘deep state’?

In the recent international poll on the perceived positive and negative influence of various countries, the poll where the two most positive were Canada and Japan, and the most negative was Israel (with hugely negative views of Israel practically everywhere – must be the anti-Semitism!), it was the Turks who had the smallest percentage of positive views of Israel, the same country that has been leading its politicians around by the nose for years.  All the contradictions in the odd Turkey-Israel alliance are coming to a head in the Kurdish problem in Iraq.