Monday, April 16, 2007


In one of the most recent episodes of ‘Family Guy’, Peter Griffin decides that his Jewish neighbor and friend, Mort Goldman, is ‘mooching’ too many things from him (the last straw is a cross without Jesus on it!), so he decides to do something about it.  Peter builds a ‘ScareJew’, a scarecrow in the shape of Hitler, and puts it outside his front door.  Mort comes ambling up towards the house, preparing to ‘mooch’ something else, sees the ScareJew, and  . . .  runs screaming down the street.  It works!

The big Zionist Plan for the Middle East is a long, four-part plan.  The first step started with covert mass immigration of Jewish settlers on Arab lands, continued with the attacks against the British (back in the day when ‘terrorism’ was a good thing!), and ended with the establishment of Israel and the first large ethnic cleansing operation in 1947 (the Nakba).  There was then a period of relative calm until the early 60s, when the second phase began.  That consisted of arranging for wars to seize what is now known as the ‘Occupied Territories’, and the slow-motion ethnic cleansing which was started with the establishment of the settlements.  We are now seeing the end of the second stage.  The attack against Iraq which Jewish traitors fooled the Americans into making was the first part of the third stage, which is essentially Wurmser’s plan prepared for Netanyahu.  The fourth and final stage will be the establishment of the Zionist Empire from the Euphrates to the Nile (Egypt is what Zionist Murawiec called “Egypt the Prize").

The sort of atrocities which were planned for Israel to steal land from the Palestinians were so outrageous that Israeli strategists knew they would need a massive propaganda campaign.  It was thus in the early to mid 60s when we started to hear about Jews as victims, with the accompanying preoccupation with the Holocaust (something which until that time was largely treated with embarrassed silence).  ‘Never again’ was the excuse for the hyper-vigilance of the Jewish people against even the remotest possibility of a new Holocaust, thus justifying any and all crimes against the Palestinians and others.

The problem with the kind of acting needed to pull off an effective lie is that you end up actually believing the lie itself.  The essential truth behind the ‘Family Guy’ joke is that a large percentage of the middle aged Jewish leaders in the United States and Israel quite firmly believe that evidence of the upcoming new Holocaust is everywhere.  This paranoid delusion is both their strength and their weakness.  The delusion allows them to justify any crimes and deceit, and gives them the determination of a psychopath.  On the other hand, the delusion means they are incapable of living in the real world, as they cannot understand the difference between fact and fiction.  Everything is an anti-Semitic trick.  The Zionists have been claiming for years that all that they do, including the building of the settlements, is for the security of Israel.  Now that the Arabs are presenting the Saudi plan, guaranteeing security in return for removal of the settlements, the Israelis find themselves unable to agree.  Of course, they can’t agree because part of their grand deception is to use the ruse of security in order to cover the building of an empire.  The added problem is that they have come to actually believe the deception.

People like Chomsky have been covering for Israel for years by vociferously complaining about what Israel does, but blaming it all on the American Establishment.  Thus, the only cure for Israeli outrages is replacing the American Establishment by some kind of social anarchist revolution in the United States.  As that isn’t going to happen, Chomsky was able to buy the Zionists the critical time necessary for the planned slow-motion ethnic cleansing.  Chomsky is probably the most important hero in the history of Zionist imperialism, effectively soaking up all the progressive intellectual ‘space’ which would naturally rally against Zionist violence.

The Noamian deception was based on an essential truth.  Until the fall of the Soviet Union, there was an arrangement whereby Israel would look after American Establishment interests in the Middle East.  The bifurcation of the interests of the American Establishment and the Zionists only appeared when the Wurmser plan was pushed to its logical conclusion, which is the use of Iraq to cause violent revolutions in every country in the Middle East.  The ‘surge’ is not intended to calm the situation; it is intended to push Iraq over the edge by creating a permanent, and contagious, Sunni-Shi’ite war.  This plan is part of the Yinon-inspired scheme to break up every country in the Middle East, and finally remove the oil weapon from the Arabs.  It was only when the American Establishment finally realized what the Zionist Plan actually entailed, the loss of trillions of dollars of wealth in the fury of revolution, that we started to hear complaints (although, contrary to the new Zionist revisionism, neither the oil companies nor American Establishment figures ever supported the attack on Iraq). 

If you are a big-brained Establishment advisor, the kind whose advice is so good it never appears in either the media or academic fumbling, what do you do?  The Jewish Billionaires control almost all the American media.  The Zionists have a stranglehold over the Democrats (through the political donations of the Jewish Billionaires), and close to a stranglehold over the Republicans (thanks to the Christian Zionists).  The muted bleating of the few Establishment spokesmen is largely lost in the clatter of war-mongering Zionists.  All the pundits, both left and right, tacitly support the Zionist plans.  The Jewish leaders in the United States and Israel are clinically insane, unable to recognize even the best interests of Israel.  Any time Jewish leaders even whisper the words ‘anti-Semite’ or ‘Holocaust’, American and European leaders twist themselves into knots. 

Given the grim environment, what does an American Establishment thinker advise his clients to do to save trillions of dollars from the coming revolutions planned by the insane Jewish leaders and their even more insane henchmen?  Understanding the hidden plans of the American Establishment is the first background stage in the new model for understanding the Middle East.