Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There will be no attack on Iran

Tony Blair has been handed a casus belli on a silver platter, and still he cries for more negotiations.  The neocons, whose fangs must be aching, have been told to stand down, and have been relatively quiet.  Don’t you think it time for the ‘Iran talk’ to finally stop?  This has long passed being ridiculous.  There will be no attack on Iran, at least not by the Americans or the British. 

Speaking of ridiculous, Juan Cole and Patrick Cockburn, both of whom know better, carry the white man’s burden and put Western-centric ideas into the heads of the Iranians, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

By the way, I’m concocting a new general theory to reconcile the war for oil and war for no oil theses, and hoping to explain the oddity of what the American Establishment was doing when it stopped paying attention long enough to allow Bush to make the worst decision ever made by an American President.