Thursday, April 26, 2007

'The Trial' of Azmi Bishara

The latest outrage out of Israel is the idea that Arab Israelis are a fifth column of traitors.  Given the systematically racist treatment they receive from their own country, one could hardly blame them, but they have been remarkably accepting of everything the Zionists have been able to dish out.  The basic Zionist premise is that the Nakba was a mistake because it didn’t go far enough, and Israel will have a ‘demographic problem’ as long as any considerable number of Arabs remain in Israel.  The idea that all Arabs are traitors is intended to facilitate the wholesale transfers of Arab Israeli citizens to the Occupied Territories – or those tiny parts (temporarily) reserved for Palestinians – in return for ‘concessions’ from the Israelis in (temporarily) slowing down the stealing of land by the Israelis from the Palestinians.  This will initially take the form of imposed – and thus illegal – border shifts, by which Israeli Arabs will suddenly find themselves deprived of Israeli citizenship and on the Palestinian side of the border, a (temporary) ‘gift’ of land by Israel which will be paid for in the (permanent) recognition of the ongoing Israeli thefts of Palestinian land.  As always, the crimes against humanity will not be Israel’s fault as they were ‘forced’ by the hateful traitors in their midst to deal with the ‘terrorist threat’ against the very existence of the Jewish people (you know the drill by heart).

The treatment of Arab Israeli legislator Azmi Bishara, which is like something out of Jewish writer Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ (he may or may not have been charged with something or other, but even to speak of it is, apparently, treasonous, and the self-imposed media blackout in Israel is only now being ever-so-slightly lifted to hint that he is thought to have assisted Hezbollah, a kind of clever way of slandering him while pretending not to be able to say anything), is the first step in the demonization of all Israeli Arabs, a necessary part of the conditioning of Israeli and American opinion for the next step in the series of outrages.