Thursday, May 31, 2007

American Cars: Made in China

Chris Floyd points out that the humanitarian disaster in Somalia is even worse than that in Darfur, and that the Somalia disaster is caused by the kind of American intervention and ‘regime change’ that the Zionists are screaming for in Sudan. Of course, the Somalia regime change was yet another Israeli-inspired replacement of a government which was considered to be too Islamist.  Floyd concludes by making the same big mistake that has become commonplace:  alleging that the United States is in an energy war in East Africa with the Chinese.  It is certainly true that the Zionist infiltrators in the American government we know as neocons have always hated China, and to the extent they still control American foreign policy they are doing whatever they can to cause conflict with China.  However, as the American Establishment slowly retakes control of the American government, we will be seeing American foreign policy again reflect the real interests of the Establishment.

Since mathematicians started working on perfecting manufacturing as part of the American war effort in the 1940s, it has taken decades for the utopian dream of the capitalists – manufacturing anything, anywhere, including where labor costs are the lowest – to be realized.  There have been many false attempts at dropping factories in the middle of nowhere, but no matter how many Western managers and techniques have been applied, they all ended in financial disaster.  It was only in the 1980s that computer control mechanisms were perfected to the extent that capital was completely mobile.  Since, both for legal and personal reasons, labor isn’t mobile, an immediate arbitrage situation appeared whereby capital could take even a larger slice of the pie from labor.  Thus, the sudden renewed interest in ‘free trade’.  China quickly became the obvious choice for manufacturing, with its combination of extremely low wages, totalitarian police state discipline, and welcoming government policies intending to use factories to modernize the country.

Just about everything that can be manufactured for the American market is now manufactured in China.  There is no debate in the American Establishment:  their wealth, and the financial health of the United States, is dependent on Chinese manufacturing. Since Chinese manufacturing is itself dependent on a reliable source of energy, there is no real conflict between the United States and China over oil (although there may be phony conflicts caused by the continuing malign influence of the Zionists in the American government).  This fact has huge repercussion on American policy in the Middle East (more on this to come).

The one industry where manufacturing is still largely done in the United States is the automobile industry.  The huge size of the industry, together with the iconic symbolism of the automobile in American life, meant that it was politically impossible to make the obvious move to manufacture automobiles in China.  Now that the big three American automobile manufacturers are effectively insolvent, the time has come to make the move to China.  Why was the incompetently managed, and serially insolvent, Chrysler attractive to Cerberus?  Chrysler is the first American automobile manufacturer to set up manufacturing in China for the American market.  Keith Naughton writes:

“Now the new owners at Chrysler promise to rethink what it means to be a car company. Cerberus Capital Management, the Wall Street private-equity firm named for the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hell, has Motown rabid with speculation this week about the fallout from its $7.4 billion buyout of beleaguered Chrysler. A skilled and secretive turnaround outfit, Cerberus is expected to overhaul Chrysler in a way that could create a new model for Detroit, which badly needs a tuneup. Last year, GM, Ford and Chrysler combined to lose more than $16 billion, as the remnants of Henry Ford’s old model finally ran out of gas. Detroit insiders say they expect Cerberus to shake up the moribund American auto industry by asking this simple question: does a car company have to build all its own cars?

It could prove to be a transformative question. Rather than each Detroit automaker building every kind of car and truck – and losing their shirt on most of them – they could be design and brand houses that build only the things that make them money. After all, the thinking goes, customers only care about the product, the brand and the price. Why not focus on designing a car, marketing it and selling it, rather than manufacturing it?”

Cerberus will want to make Chrysler attractive so it can resell it in a few years at a big profit.  There is no way to do that by continuing to manufacture in the United States.  Despite some questions, the China deal is still on.  Once the profits start rolling in, it is inevitable that all American automobile manufacturers will follow.  The television industry disappeared in the United States with nary a whimper, and the automobile industry is sure to follow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007:

  1. A photo tribute to CIA station chiefs.  It is high time these wonderful people were ‘recognized’.  A lot of blanks still need to be filled.

  2. CD sales are down, now because of ‘piracy’ (the corporado word for what human beings call ‘sharing’), but because of increasing competition for time spent on entertainment.

  3. Another good article on Sudan.  The watered-down new American sanctions on Sudan won’t work because Sudan sells its oil to China, and the American Establishment is delighted with this.  This article, unfortunately typical of Engdahl’s recent work, is complete, and unadulterated, bullshit.  When are people going to realize that the wealth of the American Establishment is dependent on China’s ability to manufacture, which is dependent on China’s access to hydrocarbons?  Neocon-influenced analysis of China is not helpful.  Chomsky, of all people, is much better on China, but he characteristically misidentifies the people who are against China:  we know them as neocons.  There is no dissent on this issue within the American Establishment.  Of course, the new understanding of the history of American Zionism is making it clear that the long-standing hatred of China by the neocons is connected with a desire for increased American militarism, which is based entirely in the covert campaign to have the Americans assist in Israeli colonialism.

  4. The always reliable (NOT!) DEBKAfile claims that Hamas has taken over a good deal of the Fatah militia, and is planning a huge suicide truck bombing attack on Israel.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007:

  1. Following up on a comment by Rowan Berkeley on the background of Glen Davis, an article by Kevin Potvin.  I’ve always been fairly sure that Argus was a British intelligence asset, and that the WWF has a hidden agenda.  By the way, again riffing on the comments, it should be no surprise that I’m a big fan of the baby seal hunt, as I will always favor the traditional culture of human beings over the ‘rights’ of marine rats, no matter how pretty they are.

  2. Boing Boing, a site I like, published some absolute crap on the failure of the Venezuelan government to renew part of a broadcasting license of the treasonous right-wing television station that supported the coup against Chavez.  This made me so mad, I almost decided to stop reading Boing Boing.  To its credit, Boing Boing then published some of the many comments it received (so I’m still reading it).  Chavez could have wound the station up at the time, but waited until its license was up for renewal before exercising the right of the government not to renew it.  Given the abysmal state of broadcasting in North America, wouldn’t it be a good idea to stop renewing all broadcast licenses, and admit a whole new group of owners, owners who will be forced to stop holding the people in such contempt?  Nobody has a right to a license, and the abject failure of all incumbent owners to make even a stab at what could be called journalism means that the only cure is a clean slate.

  3. Wayne Madsen points out that what the neocons are doing now is just a reprise of what they were doing in the 1970s.  Actually, one of the advantages of the current situation is that it has finally outed the covert work being done by Zionist agents every decade since the late 1940s.  Some Presidents – Nixon, Carter, the father Bush – were able to provide some resistance (at a huge political cost to each, an issue that is worth thinking about), but most had to do what they were told.  The only difference now is that the Jewish Billionaires and their traitorous agents finally made a mistake so big that even the lite Zionists can’t cover it up for them.  By trying to break up Iraq and every other Middle Eastern country, the neocons made it impossible to hide the Zionist agenda behind any conceivable American Establishment agenda.

  4. More on the Zionist attack on free speech in Canada.  I like the idea of “We Should Nuke Israel”, where Chris Cook took an article by right-wing nut – and ardent Zionist – Michael Coren on nuking Iran, published in the Toronto Sun, and merely changed a few words to shift the recommended focus of the genocidal attack being advocated by Coren.  It appears to be a massive tactical mistake by B’nai Brith Canada to include this in the list of 18 allegedly offensive articles, as it was clearly written as a satire of Coren’s mainstream hate crime, one which B’nai Brith Canada didn’t see any reason to complain about.

  5. “The Bush-Cheney Regime and U.S. Middle East Policy: Radical Nihilists Driving Permanent War” by Ronald Bleier.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The messy ways of power

Via Wot Is It Good 4, a really good analysis by Sidney Blumenthal of the “Kremlin-like politics of the Bush transition” and how the various actors took their positions.  None of the big names of the Bush Administration wanted the positions they eventually ended up with, and most of the re-arranging was as a result of Cheney’s need for absolute power.  As it happened, Wolfowitz got the key position where he could bring his neocon friends into the Pentagon to lie and scheme the United States into attacking Iraq.  The mainstream ultra-conspiracy theorists like Chomsky who glibly tell us that everything that happens follows the desires of the American Establishment miss the details of the messy ways in which power works in the real world.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007:

  1. A better conspiracy theory on Lebanon, conveyed by the Angry Arab.  Better, but still not good.  How would having the Lebanese army fire on innocent (and long-suffering) Palestinian refugees ‘diffuse Sunni-Shi`ite tensions in the region’?  If the Saudis decided they no longer needed Sunni militias in Lebanon, why didn’t they just stop funding them?  And why would they think killing civilians would weaken the militias, if that was indeed the goal?  We seem to be in the middle of a world-wide war against Palestinians, in Gaza, in Iraq, and in Lebanon.  Who could possibly be behind such a thing?  Who could possibly benefit from a civil war in Lebanon?

  2. The Guardian is caught channeling the ghost of the career of Judy Miller, using the Miller technique of quoting anonymous American military sources in such a way as to make wild allegations look like facts.  Even worse, the channeling is silly on the face of it, consisting of some story that the Iranians are trying to knock some sense into the Bush Administration and force it out of Iraq.  On the contrary, having the Americans bogged down in Iraq rushing around killing Sunnis is just what Iran would like to see go on forever.

  3. I’ve said all along, and it remains true today, Iran is in no danger of an attack from the United States, but Syria is in grave danger.

  4. Wars haven’t worked very well, so the U. S. and Israel are falling back on conducting war by other means.  We’ve come full circle, with Hamas having been bolstered to counter Fatah, and now Fatah being armed to counter Hamas.  The roots of this go back to covert American support of the Muslim Brotherhood to counter Nasser, another bright idea that some might want to take back.  If you accept the Official Story, the events of September 11 were the ultimate ‘blowback’ for this support.

  5. There is a big problem with living in a country which lies and breaks international law, and continues to make unwarranted and outrageous threats.  When one of your colleagues is arrested in Iran and accused of fomenting ‘regime change’, you have absolutely no credibility in complaining about it.  No credibility whatsoever.  When the leaders of your country keep talking about dropping nuclear weapons on Iran, who is to say any group of complaining American academics aren’t just working with the arrested woman as part of the larger plot of the American government?  I’d take the word of Iranian authorities over the word of any American.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007:

  1. A professor at the University of Texas at Austin is boycotting the UK in protest over the agreement by the National Union of Journalists at its national conference to boycott Israeli products.  This professor won the Nobel Prize for Irony.

  2. The Kurds don’t like the new Iraqi oil law because it does not encourage production-sharing agreements.  Wait!  Did I just write that?  Whatever happened to all the bullshit we’ve been reading about this draft law?  Of course, the bullshit is part of a bullshit theory, that the attack on Iraq was about American control of oil, a theory made necessary by the ScareJew that Americans might figure out what it was really about.  The facts just don’t match the lite Zionist alternative.

  3. How did Pat Buchanan – who usually isn’t shy about such things – write a whole comment on the shameful Rahm-run Democrat cave-in on Iraq without once mentioning the Jewish Billionaries behind it?  He mentions the Lobby with respect to Iran, but blames the Iraq mess on traditional Democrat spinelessness.  Is Pat afraid to address the issue because he likes the corrupt American system of funding political parties?

  4. Israel had a legal opinion in 1967 that the settlements in the Occupied Territories were illegal.

  5. Before the attack on Iraq, the American government had a CIA report spelling out in detail all the disastrous consequences of the attack which have in fact occurred.  The consequences would include “region-threatening instability in key Arab states”, which, of course, was one of the key neocon goals of the attack.

  6. The Franklin Lamb conspiracy theory over Lebanon fails in the ‘transition game’, i. e., it fails to provide a reasonable explanation for why, after exerting considerable effort at establishing Sunni militias to counter Hezbollah, the Hariri/American/Saudi group decided to turn on the militias.  More problems:  why would anyone think that small Sunni militias would be of any concern to Hezbollah?  And why would the Lebanese army think that firing tank shells into groups of civilians – a very Israeli plan – would eliminate the militias?  And, if Bandar Bush is the Saudi involved (per Hersh, who looks a bit like a lite Zionist here, except that he mentions Abrams), does this represent evidence of dissent within Saudi Arabia itself, where there are strong indications that the Saudis want to calm relations with Iran?


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neocon update

Neocon update:

  1. The deliberate leaking that Bush has authorized new covert action against Iran is bizarre, especially when we already know that the United States and Britain are utilizing groups like the terrorist cult MEK (see Raymond Tanter) to stir up trouble in Iran, and British and American troops have probably made incursions into Iran.  My take on it is that the announcement is just a sop to the Zionists, still smarting after the pogrom against Wolfowitz.  They need a reassurance every once and a while as the biggest ScareJew, the retaking of Washington by the American Establishment (yikes!), represents to them the beginnings of the next Holocaust. 

  2. The fang-marks of Elliott Abrams are all over the Palestinian ‘civil war’ and the attack by the Lebanese army on a Palestinian refugee camp (the main external links are to here and here, but the Hersh story may itself be disinformation to protect Israel, and we have seen some of the Israeli machinations in Lebanon, up to and including the Hariri assassination).  Another war isn’t particularly palatable to Israel right now, as another loss would be a political disaster, so the decision from the Zionist High Cabal seems to be to conduct war by other means, by causing the victims of Israel to fight amongst themselves.  Apparently, the Gazans want to be reoccupied!

  3. There is a good list of some of the more obscure neocons in this Jim Lobe article.  Although a lot have left, the Bush Administration is still dangerously infested.  They are going to the Caribbean to plot and scheme.

  4. Did the neocons start as a conservative movement and morph into Zionists, or did they start as a Zionist movement that used conservatism to further the needs of the Israeli Empire?  Traditional wisdom says they were liberals mugged by reality, but the truth is starting to come out.  Philip Weiss cites both Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz from 30 years ago to the effect that the goal of the neocons was to keep American militarism at a high level, for the express purpose of helping Israel.  In other words, the lite Zionists have it entirely backwards.  Israel isn’t caught up in American Establishment schemes; the United States is caught up in a Zionist trick to increase talk about wars (including Iran talk) and participation in wars, in order to benefit the Project of Greater Israel by continuing the United States on a constant war footing.  As an example, the very real hatred that the neocons have for China is really just another method to ensure continued American militarism.    The Zionist tail continues to wag the American conservative dog, and don’t let lite Zionist propagandists fool you otherwise.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007:

  1. The ‘surge’ is actually a covert Second Zionist-American War on Iraq.  The word ‘surge’ was used to convey the impression that the new war was just a continuation of the old war, the First Zionist-American War on Iraq, but both the rapid increase in American casualties, and the release of secrets showing how huge the ‘surge’ is intended to be, proves that this is actually a new war grafted on top of the old war.  The original plan, part of Wurmser’s Zionist Plan for the Middle East, was that the war was to succeed in breaking up Iraq into three statelets.  Since that didn’t work, an entirely new war, dedicated entirely to the destruction of Iraq, was needed.

  2. Montgomery Blair Sibley, the civil lawyer for Deborah Jeane Palfrey, coyly told a press conference that he could neither confirm nor deny that Dick Cheney’s old phone numbers are included in Palfrey’s escort service records (more here).  He is also upping the pressure on the courts by trying to drag Bush into the picture (see Cannonfire).  I just hope he has the ‘dead man’s switch’ working, as things could get hairy.

  3. As predicted, and based entirely on their reliance on Jewish funding, the Democrats caved completely on the issue of exercising even the tiniest amount of their constitutionally-mandated supervision of the war on Iraq.

  4. Classic lite Zionist article by Stephen Zunes blaming Israel’s sins on ‘the Americans’.  Of course, ‘the Americans’ are the Israeli agents in the White House operating under the express instructions of their Israeli masters.  The lite Zionists should be aware that we are on to their tricks, and they are just embarrassing themselves by continuing to employ the same old misdirections.

  5. The attack on Glen Davis is looking more and more like a professional hit.  Who would put a hit out on a well-liked philanthropist whose main goal in life was to help wolves?

  6. We’re in the middle of a massive Zionist conspiracy against free speech in Canada, with attacks on freedom of speech in an attack on PEJ News (see also here and here), and the refusal of entry by Immigration Canada, based on entreaties by organized Zionism, to Malik Zulu Shabazz, thus preventing him from making a speech (and having the chat with the Zionists he agreed to have).  The Zionists are abusing Canadian hate speech legislation in order to stifle political debate.  Members of the black community in Canada are furious about the banning of Malik Zulu Shabazz (blaming it expressly on the ‘Jewish lobby’), so we are about to see the beginning of the black-Jewish distrust that exists in the United States.

  7. Iran made a secret proposal to the United States in 2003 to accept peace with Israel, cut off material assistance to Palestinian armed groups, and pressure such groups to halt terrorist attacks within Israel's 1967 borders.  Leaders in Iran would still like to normalize relations with the United States, but are blocked by the Zionist stranglehold over American politics.  Yet all we hear about is an intentionally misleading mistranslation of a speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the ‘blood libel’ against the Iranian people (more on the creativity of Zionist translators).

Monday, May 21, 2007

WWF Smackdown

The murder of philanthropist Glen Davis in the parking garage of the building housing the offices of the World Wildlife Fund in Toronto has a strong conspiracy feel to it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007:

  1. For a time, Paul Wolfowitz was wearing the blue ribbon that World Bank employees were wearing to signify that they wanted Wolfowitz removed.  Someone had apparently told him that the ribbon was part of an anti-malaria campaign.  This is the World Bank equivalent of taping a sign to his back saying ‘kick me’!

  2. Read this amazing apology from the Ottawa Citizen (a newspaper which will be solely dedicated to hockey for the next three weeks).  Imagine picking up your morning newspaper, seeing a picture of yourself in it, and then reading the article that the picture was supposed to illustrate.

  3.  The IDF is paying for war criminal Dan Halutz to take a business management course at the Harvard Business School.  Modern MBA skills must be useful in murdering people.  I wonder if Halutz’ case study involves dropping cluster bombs on civilians.

  4. Local police arrested four Israelis after they attempted to obtain driver's licenses using false addresses in Ann Arbor.  One of them had a visa problem, but federal officials determined that the other three “were probably telling the truth when they said they wanted a license so it would be easier to tour America.”  Another reason might be to start to build a false American identity.  I suppose it is just a coincidence that most Arab-Americans live in that area of Michigan.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


From the Wayne Madsen Report (emphasis in red; btw, this is a web site that desperately needs a way to link to individual postings):

“It is interesting how the right-wing corporate media is now treating the DC Madam story. After attempting to have ABC News put a lid on the story, the Cheney revelations have caused the media barons to relegate the matter to the gossip sector. However, this tactic is not working. As anyone familiar with national security knows, there are two signs that someone is a security risk: sudden and inexplicable affluence or a radical change in demeanor and personality stemming from blackmail. Colin Powell and Brent Scowcroft have both said that the Dick Cheney of today is not the same person they knew as Secretary of Defense. Cheney's reported dalliances during his time at Halliburton and his radical personality change call for a full national security investigation. If a foreign power or foreign interests had access to Cheney's phone records from the 1990s – and many foreign intelligence agencies would have been interested in communications in the neighborhood of the CIA where Cheney lived – there is a distinct possibility that blackmail is behind Cheney's push for the war in Iraq. The right-wing focused on Bill Clinton's comments to Monica Lewinsky during one of their conversations that he had been warned that a ‘foreign power’ could be listening to his conversations. What was good for Clinton then should be good for Cheney now.”

The American Establishment relied on Cheney to be the adult supervision for the inexperienced and stupid Bush, as they knew Cheney from years of reliable service to their interests, and they had watched the idiot Bush grow up and knew he wasn’t up to the job.  How could they have made such a huge mistake in judgment in picking Cheney to run the country?

One of the main arguments made by the lite Zionists in their vile attempts to prove that the Jews had nothing to do with the disastrous attack on Iraq is that Cheney isn’t a Jew.  I’ve always assumed the Cheney motivation was money, from his Halliburton shares and elsewhere, but what if it is blackmail?  It is impossible to conceive that a high-profile call girl operation which serviced the power elites in Washington wouldn’t have been exploited by an intelligence agency.  Could the huge deterioration in Cheney’s personality be as a result of Israeli blackmail? 

Cheney’s original job for Bush was to pick Bush’s Vice President.  Then, to considerable surprise, he picked himself.  Was he ordered to do so by his blackmailers, as part of the Zionist coup which was intended to put the Israeli right in control of American military and foreign policy?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007:

  1. Wolfie was able to shake down the Bank for at least the $400,000 bonus payable if he stayed in power until June by claiming that the Bank was responsible for the girlfriend mess as it signed off on the deal.  Who actually approved it?  With some qualifications in their opinion, most notably that they were being asked to close the barn door after the horse had escaped, Bush’s former Solicitor General Ted Olson and Eugene Scalia, son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia!

  2. Tony Karon has a much deeper analysis of the ‘civil war’ now going on in Palestine.  It is, as you probably suspected, a neocon operation run by a Washington puppet.

  3. In the conspiracy-theory-meets-prime-time (or at least late nite) department, a Letterman joke (on the posting labeled Wednesday, May 16):  “There’s a rumor coming out of Washington that Vice President Dick Cheney, when he was CEO of Halliburton, used to visit prostitutes. This would explain why one girl was paid 2 billion dollars.”

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007:

  1. Here is the testimony of Gordon Laxer that so scared the Conservatives that they attempted a coverup right in the middle of a Canadian Parliamentary Committee hearing (the Parkland Institute, which proves the startling thesis that there are people with an IQ over 60 in Alberta, also reprints the Ottawa Citizen article on the attempted coverup).  I note that the most recent Conservative environment plan, the one that Al Gore correctly called a ‘a complete and total fraud’, contains no mention of the oil sands, the exploitation of which will have the single greatest negative effect on the world environment.  These issues in Canada are clear signals of the content of the Big Plan of the American Establishment (more to come on this subject).

  2. Via Informed Comment,  read the “frankly fascist ideas of Vladimir Jabotinsky.”  This guy is a national hero in Israel. The Jabotinsky Medal, awarded for outstanding services to Israel, is the one that Falwell received  (Falwell is the only non-Jew ever to receive the medal).

  3. Via Gorilla in the Room, “Iraq: The Web of Lies” by Patrick Foy.  Anyone who reads this blog won’t find any surprises.  In fact, both sides, the neocons and the American Establishment, had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen after the attack on Iraq.  The difference is that the American Establishment was hoping against hope that the worst wouldn’t happen, while for the neocons the insurgency and unrest was intended to lead to the destruction of Iraq, and its break up into at least three statelets, following the Yinon model.  In fact, the neocon plan was for the unrest between Shi’ites and Sunnis to extend over the entire Middle East.  The American Establishment has had to partly retake control of the White House in order to keep this disaster from occurring.  What is so obscene about the Chomsky explanation that the attack was all the work of the American Establishment, and not the work of Jewish traitors to the United States, is that it is the exact opposite of the facts.  The American Establishment, constrained by Zionist control over the White House, Congress, both political parties, and the media, was unable to stop the disaster which the Zionists intended to occur.

  4. The United States has a debilitating and unsolvable Iraq problem until it obtains the help of Syria and Iran.  The problem is that Iran has no incentive to help the Americans as long as the neocons keep talking about nuking Iran.  So, the shit hits the fan.  What’s it going to be, America:  American national interest or Israeli national interest?  You can’t have it both ways, and it is the actions of the neocons that have made the choice necessary.

  5.  Jews sans frontieres contrasts the current excitement over Darfur to the complete lack of interest over much worse that is happening in Congo.  The difference?  The Zionist establishment doesn’t care about Congo as it does not have an Islamist government the Zionists are trying to trick people into replacing.  When will we ever learn?

  6. As part of the British war effort, Ian Fleming helped to use a bogus witchcraft (!) prosecution to stifle a medium who was right in ways that might have revealed military secrets.  For more British intelligence shenanigans, forcing the United States into WWII by manipulating American politics, at the time, see here (and here).

The ‘Catch-22’ model of Zionism

Paul Wolfowitz refuses to consider resigning until his name is cleared by the World Bank.  He follows the ‘Catch-22’ model of Zionism.  Once they clear his name, he won’t have any reason to resign! 

Israel won’t negotiate with Syria because a failure in negotiations might lead to war!  Thus Israel avoids the negotiations that would lead to its having to return the Golan Heights.  This logic would of course preclude any negotiations about anything.  It is insane, but achieves the Zionist goal. 

Israel won’t negotiate with the Palestinians until Hamas ‘recognizes’ Israel, although the Israel Hamas has to recognize refuses to finalize it borders, borders which extend over the entire Palestinian state!  Hamas has to effectively concede the main issues in the negotiation in order to be granted the right to talk.

Israel won’t stop doing the things to the Palestinians which lead to a response it labels ‘terrorism’ until the Palestinians agree to give up entirely and make no response to constant violent provocation.  Israel won’t even consider starting to fulfill any of its obligations to the Palestinians until the Palestinians have completed each and every obligation imposed on them by the Americans under the ‘road map’.  In fact, this precondition still applies after Israel has rejected the ‘road map’ as applying to itself!

And so it goes.  In each case, the Zionists refuse to enter into discussions until the other side makes all possible concessions and gives up.  The catch in each case is that there can be no negotiations until the side opposing the Zionists grants the Zionists every one of the issues in dispute, at which point there is nothing to negotiate about. 

Is the Catch-22 method of negotiating part of the Jewish way of thinking?  There is some weird psychology going on here.  A Zionist withholds the ability to talk until you agree there is nothing to talk about.  The withholding of communication as punishment is the way that psychological illness is created.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On a Learjet to hell

As Jerry Falwell heads down to meet his boss, don’t forget that he is largely responsible for much of the mess in the Middle East caused by the Zionist infiltration of American politics (emphasis throughout in red):

Begin developed a close relationship with leading fundamentalists, such as Falwell, who later received a Learjet from the Israeli government for his personal travel and in 1981 was honored with the Jabotinsky Award in an elaborate ceremony in New York. When Israel bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, Begin made his first telephone call to Falwell, asking him to ‘explain to the Christian public the reasons for the bombing.’ Only later did he call Reagan. Falwell also converted former Senator Jesse Helms from a critic of Israel into one of its staunchest allies in the US Senate, where he chaired the influential Foreign Relations Committee.”


From the moment that the Likud party government took power in Israel in 1977, a top priority of the Jabotinskyites was the forging of a long-term strategic partnership with leading Christian fundamentalists in America, who were profiled as susceptible to a rabidly pro-Israel theology. In 1978, the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs sponsored the publication of a book, American Fundamentalism and Israel: The Relation of Fundamentalist Churches to Zionism and the State of Israel, by Yona Malachy. The book was an in-depth profile of four major Christian fundamentalist denominations in America – the Seventh Day Adventists, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Pentecostalists, and the Premillennial Dispensationalists (the Darbyites).

It is unclear whether Malachy, who is since deceased, was aware that he was producing the profile study that would help launch a nearly 25-year alliance between the most fanatical of the right-wing Greater Israel proponents – the followers of Vladimir Jabotinsky, whom Israel's founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion denounced as ‘Vladimir Hitler’ – and a collection of American fundamentalist Christians, whose own theology promoted the extermination of the Jews. Malachy clearly documented the ideology of the Darbyites, quoting from John Walvoord, who founded their Dallas Theological Seminary in 1924, and, in 1962, wrote in his book, Israel in Prophecy, that ‘it seems that Israel is to be the special object of Satanic hatred.’ After ‘Jacob's Troubles’ (i.e., Armageddon, or, in Darbyite lingo, the war of Gog and Magog), ‘only 144,000 Jews will survive.... Heart-rending as it may be to contemplate, the people of Israel who are returning to their ancient land, are placing themselves within the vortex of this future whirlwind which will destroy the majority of those living in the land of Palestine.’ The Malachy project had the backing of the newly installed Likud government of Prime Minister Menachem Begin, which, soon after the book's publication, invited Rev. Jerry Falwell to Israel, for the first of many visits. Some leading figures in the Zionist wing of the American establishment helped underwrite the Malachy effort. Funding for the study came from the Jacob Blaustein Fund for American Studies, one of the 50 largest tax-exempt foundations in the U.S.A. The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation is a major funder of the Tannenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, which lists, among its corporate sponsors: Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, the liquor business founded and owned by the organized crime-rooted Bronfman family; and Soros Fund Management of mega-speculator George Soros.

After a series of visits to Israel in 1979 and 1980, Jerry Falwell became a leading proponent of the political alliance between the Israeli radical right and the American Christian fundies. In gratitude for his pledge to work for permanent Israeli annexation of ‘Judea, Samaria, and Galilee’ (i.e., the West Bank) and the rebuilding of the Third Temple of Solomon on Jerusalem's Temple Mount – where two of the holiest sites in Islam now stand – Falwell received a ‘gift’ of a Lear jet from the Begin government. Harry Zvi Hurwitz, who today heads the Begin Center in Jerusalem, defended the early Begin-Falwell love affair, on the grounds that Begin had told him back in 1981, that Israel ‘did not have too many friends.’”

Falwell was the pioneer in tying American Christian Evangelism to the extreme Israeli right.  The seed money of the Learjet has paid off in spades, as it allowed Falwell to turbocharge the fundraising for his ‘Moral Majority’, leading eventually to the ability of the Christian Right to both influence American politics in an ultra-Zionist direction and provide (illegal) funds to help the extreme right be elected in Israel.  The most unlikely match in the world is largely the fault of Falwell, and is doing massive harm to the world.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007:

  1. For Americans left sporting the latest fashion statement, a t-shirt which says ‘My President is Spending Trillions on a War for the Jews but all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt’, you can now vicariously experience all the fun of the war you’ll be paying for for the rest of your lives (inspiration?).  Nixon had to have his economists completely re-jig the world monetary system in order to keep the U. S. from going bankrupt over Vietnam, and something similar, but much more radical, is now being considered by the American Establishment in order to pay for the war for Israel.

  2. We’re supposed to be shocked at how the gay Lord of BP spent millions of pounds in Azerbaijan plying (or here) local officials with hookers and drugs in order to obtain oil deals, but the only really shocking thing – and probably part of the fallout from the gay Lord’s unraveling – is the fact we’re hearing about something which happens every day all over the world.  I imagine the gay Lord’s staged outing and forced resignation has something to do with his environmentalism, weak as it was.

  3. Popcorn workers lung (my emphasis in red; see also here):  “Even less is known about the health effects of eating diacetyl in butter-flavored popcorn, or breathing the fumes after the bag is microwaved. The Environmental Protection Agency has studied the fumes but is waiting for the industry to review the study before releasing it. The Food and Drug Administration has diacetyl on its list of substances ‘generally recognized as safe’ but has not studied it.”

  4. DU damages DNA in human lung cells:  “Prof Wise said it is too early to say whether DU causes lung cancer in people exposed on the battlefield because the disease takes several decades to develop.”

  5. Entertaining and informative:  Brooklynisms.

  6. Why is the Bush Administration supporting Michael Moore's supposedly anti-pharmaceutical-industry movie by providing Moore with free publicity?

  7. "One Death Is A Tragedy; A Million Is A Statistic" (Nakba Day 2007).

  8. Is anti-Zionism the new Zionism?

  9. The excavation of ‘Herod’s Tomb’ “was carried out in occupied territory, where Israel has no moral right to dig and certainly not to remove archaeological artifacts”, in complete (as usual) contravention of international law.

  10. One of the defining characteristics of the neocon is a complete absence of a sense of shame:  Perle and Miller on Tenet.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Parliamentary hearing coverup in Ottawa

It’s funny how little things tell a big story.  From the Ottawa Citizen (my emphasis in red; story also here, with conflicted American wingnut comments):

“Amid heated charges of a coverup, Tory MPs on Thursday abruptly shut down parliamentary hearings on a controversial plan to further integrate Canada and the U.S.

The firestorm erupted within minutes of testimony by University of Alberta professor Gordon Laxer that Canadians will be left ‘to freeze in the dark’ if the government forges ahead with plans to integrate energy supplies across North America.

He was testifying on behalf of the Alberta-based Parkland Institute about concerns about the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a 2005 accord by the U.S., Canada and Mexico to streamline economic and security rules across the continent. The deal, which calls North American ‘energy security’ a priority, commits Canada to ensuring American energy supplies even though Canada itself – unlike most industrialized nations – has no national plan or reserves to protect its own supplies, he argued.

At that point, Tory MP Leon Benoit, chair of the Commons Standing Committee on International Trade which was holding the SPP hearings, ordered Laxer to halt his testimony, saying it was not relevant.

Opposition MPs called for, and won, a vote to overrule Benoit's ruling.

Benoit then threw down his pen, declaring, ‘This meeting is adjourned,’ and stormed out, followed by three of the panel's four Conservative members.

The remaining members voted to finish the meeting, with the Liberal vice-chair presiding.

Benoit's actions are virtually unprecedented, observers say . . . .”

It is obviously unusually important for the Conservatives to hide what is really going on from the Canadian electorate, particularly as their political fortunes continue to sink (despite Herculean efforts from the Jewish Billionaires to denigrate the new Liberal leader, the next election looks like a Liberal minority government, supported by the Greens, with the ‘socialist’ NDP wiped out).  Laxer points out that Western Canada is supplying (or here) increasing amounts of energy to the Americans, thus reducing American dependence on other oil supplies, while Eastern Canada becomes ever more reliant on foreign oil supplies.  This, of course, is the real plan of the American Establishment, and understanding it is the key to understanding what is really going on in the Middle East.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Elliott Abrams and the sham

Elliott Abrams told a bunch of Jewish Republicans that efforts the United States now appears to be investing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just a sham to get Arabs and Europeans to stop whining about the American position.  One member of the audience confirmed that Abrams said that Bush would not let the peace negotiations ‘get out of hand’.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The tomb, or something, of somebody or other

In a particularly egregious example of crap biblical archaeology, an Israeli archaeologist claims he has found the tomb of King Herod (my emphasis in red):

“For more than three decades, Israeli archaeologist Ehud Netzer scraped at the ancient man-made hillock. He searched the top. He dug at the bottom. Finally Netzer carved into the midsection and there, he says, found his prize: the grave of Herod the Great.

The evidence, in the form of shards of decorative stonework that may have been a coffin and pieces of a structure thought to have been the mausoleum, is still far from ironclad proof. Archeologists have not found a body. Nor is there any written confirmation yet that King Herod, who ruled with Roman backing 2,000 years ago, is buried in that spot.”

All that they found is a few unmarked shards of something that may have been a coffin, in a place where Herod is traditionally not thought to have been buried.  Really!  On that basis, it has been concluded they have found the tomb of Herod.  In the mess of today’s Israel, it is necessary to find evidence of the presence of an ancient Jewish leader.

'Suicide' prevention hotline

I continue to be impressed by the mad skillz possessed by the D. C. Madam’s attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley.  His client has a list of johns which could either:

  1. be used to get her the minimum possible sentence and a lucrative book deal; or

  2. get her suicided.

The key is to use the list to leverage the maximum possible gain while keeping the client alive.  It is important that the big names on the list not be released too early, as that would remove the ability to bargain.  In the Profumo Affair in Britain in the 1960’s, the big names came out so early that there was no reason for the Establishment to deal, and the alleged pimp in question, who really did nothing wrong, was run down by the legal system and eventually committed suicide (probably a real suicide due to what had been done to him by the courts). 

In the D. C. Madam case, names of lesser johns were released on the bogus excuse that the release was intended to force witnesses to admit that no sex was involved (the lesser johns picked were hypocrite Randall L. Tobias, who used the Ted Haggard ‘so sex, just massage’ defense, and Harlan K. Ullman, the brains behind ‘shock and awe’, who must have been shocked and awed to see his name on the list).  The real reason for the release was to prove that the D. C. Madam meant business, and was prepared to release the big names if she was not treated well.  Word came down from the Establishment to the bench, and she suddenly is given a ‘connected’ court-appointed attorney she would never have been given without the blackmail behind the names, a guy who will be able to steer her to the best possible outcome in court.  She had earlier attempted to sell the names in order to obtain the money for a good lawyer, but blackmail also works. 

There will no doubt also be a big book deal, of the kind the Establishment affords to right-wing authors who are given huge advances which sales of their crappy books could never cover, with the balance covered by quiet bulk purchases (and pulpings), also intended to force the books up the best-seller lists.  No new names will be in the book.

Using such information to blackmail the Establishment carries with it the huge risk that the embarrassment will simply be suicided.  You thus need a second plan to ensure that there is no advantage to murdering the defendant.  Setting up an arrangement with a web site published in a safe place like Russia to automatically publish all the names in the event of the ‘suicide’ of the defendant, and letting the existence of this ‘dead man’s switch’ be known to the Establishment, would do the trick.

Of course, this makes Sibley unwelcome in the court, as judges don’t like to be seen as whoring themselves out for the Establishment, especially when that is in fact what they are doing.  The court is now calling further release of names as ‘witness intimidation’, something which is funny in that it makes absolutely no sense.  How do you intimidate a witness by naming his name?  The name is going to come out eventually.  The real reason for stifling release is to remove the blackmail held by the defendant over the Establishment, and allow some of these hypocrites to sleep better at night.

Sibley’s techniques should be taught in law school as the real way to represent a client who has information embarrassing to the Establishment.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday May 8, 2007

I fuss too much about trying to find unique post titles when the obvious solution stares me in the face:

  1. The Fort Dix suicide attack.  Think of it from the point of view of the alleged attackers.  You’re going to give up your life to make a point.  Why waste it to kill at most a half-dozen American soldiers – about what are killed in a day in Iraq – and probably not kill anyone at all at the very well-guarded base, when you could do much more harm in other ways?  When you add the fact that they dropped their jihad tapes off at a local video store to be DVD’d, they spoke openly to a Philadelphia police sergeant about obtaining maps of Fort Dix, they were infiltrated at an early stage (probably before they actually decided to do anything, with the juiciest plans suggested by the infiltrator, just like in Canada), the authorities start with an attack on Fort Dix and s-l-i-d-e into an attack on a football game, and the ‘terrorists’ played paintball (!), they is almost no chance that this was any more than some young guys who were fooling around and were duped by the authorities.  When are young Muslim men going to wake up and realize they have targets on their backs?  An innocent game of paintball could land you in jail for the rest of your life.

  2. My Chinese conspiracy theory is turning out to be true, with all kinds of iffy data suddenly appearing about how unsafe food from China really is.  You gotta love the ‘science’: “Scientists had difficulty pinpointing the precise cause of the deaths, for neither melamine nor cyanuric acid are thought to be particularly toxic by themselves. But scientists studying the pet food deaths say the combination of the two chemicals, mixed together with perhaps some other related compounds, may have created a toxic punch that formed crystals in the kidneys of pets and led to kidney failure.” 

  3. I continue to believe that the truth behind the Pentagon attack will only be revealed when rescue workers start to have elevated cancer rates due to exposure to the DU which the plane which allegedly hit the Pentagon did not contain (the DU was in the nose of whatever hit the Pentagon).  It will be another 10 years before the cancer issue becomes apparent.

  4. Via Wot Is It Good 4, the ongoing debate whether rumors of the neocon demise are a trick to make us stop paying attention to them, so they can continue their dirty tricks.  I think it is fair to say that the neocons are gravely weakened, but, as long as psychos like Abrams still hang their fangs in the Bush Administration, there is still a huge danger of disaster.


Naming names and 'suicide'

D. C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey claims that a former University of Maryland professor named Brandy Britton worked for her.  Britton committed ‘suicide’ just before her prostitution trial, even though she likely would not have received any time.  Her client might even have been Cheney, who was living in northern Virginia at the time. 

I note that, predictably, the brilliant defense strategy of her civil attorney of blackmailing the courts by threatening to name names – a strategy which would either have worked or resulted in the D. C. Madam committing ‘suicide’ – will almost certainly be dropped.  Even though she is indigent and needs a court-appointed attorney, she ends up with a prominent lawyer who, if you can believe it (and I sure can!), has represented both Aldrich H. Ames and Robert P. Hanssen, and was part of the defense team that represented  . . . Monica Lewinsky!  Isn’t it funny how the court never ends up appointing a lawyer like this for your average crack cocaine possession?  The judge won’t even let the impolite civil attorney sit in the criminal court!

Monday, May 07, 2007



  1. This Frank Rich column on Rice’s failure to even begin to own up to her lies preceding the attack on Iraq is somewhat bizarre when you consider it is published in the New York Times, former home of Judith ‘fucking right’ Miller, and still current home of Michael Gordon, who is in the middle of an exactly similar lying campaign about Iran.  Rich picking on Rice specifically, amongst all the many liars associated with the neocons, when Rice is clearly now working for the American Establishment and not the Zionists, may actually be par for the course for the New York Times.

  2. Wot Is It Good 4 follows up on my musings about William S. Cohen.  By the way, trying to sell Waxman on examining the Edmonds allegations by advertising it as a way to put the major neocons in jail is exactly the best way to scare Waxman off.  You can’t lose sight of the fact that Waxman is funded by the same Jewish Billionaires behind the neocons, and an examination which even comes close to considering the neocon/Zionist stranglehold on American military and foreign policy is the biggest ScareJew of them all.  It would have been much better to sell the allegations by Edmonds as an examination of FBI incompetence which endangers the nation in the ‘war on terror’.

  3. David Corn summarizes the Wolfowitz scandal.  It’s funny how Wolfowitz’ change in tactics, Cohen apparently setting American military policy, and Cheney publicly rebuking Rice on Syria, all reflect varying symptoms of the fact that the Bush White House is falling apart.  Bush is now officially the lamest of all lame ducks.  The traditional power groups are having to find ways to work around the new reality that the White House no longer has any power.  Even the neocons still operating around Cheney are like a ‘Zionist Government in Exile’, still fanging away like a snake with its head cut off even though they have lost almost all their influence.

  4. More on the David Project, this time conspiring to stop a mosque being built in Boston.  Why would they be wasting their time on such petty harassment?  How many other campaigns against mosque building, which usually look like NIMBY concerns about noise and parking, are organized Zionist campaigns?  Just how deep does the hatred of Zionism for Islam go?  It started out as a tactical hatred related to stealing land from Muslims to build the Zionist Empire, but seems to have taken on a life of its own.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


William S. Cohen, who as far as I can tell is just an private citizen who runs a lobby company with some iffy members, has assured Israel that the United States would be inclined to allow the sale of F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets to the Israeli Air Force if Israel’s security were in jeopardy.  Since Israel’s security, by definition, is always in jeopardy, Cohen is in effect announcing that the American government will turn over yet another part of its most important military secret technology to Israel (and thus, to China, as Israel immediately peddles all secret American military technology to China).  Cohen’s trip was like a full state visit, with meetings with all the highest Israeli mucky-mucks, and discussions on Iran.  Besides working for Israel, you have to assume Cohen is working for the manufacturers of the extremely expensive planes, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, who are anticipating the need to find new markets for them.  Needless to say, the ‘sale’ of such planes to Israel would be funded by American taxpayer money. It is comforting to know that the concept of outsourcing has now been taken to its logical conclusion, with lobbyists now setting American military policy.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


The Zionist plan of replicating the success (at least, for Zionists) of Iraq, in Sudan, continues.  Note this item published in boston indymedia.  It provides a quick summary, presumably intended to mislead (my emphasis in red):

“The situation in Sudan started in 2003, when the Muslim Janjaweed militia, backed and armed by the Sudanese government, attempted to rid the country of the black groups of the Darfur region by killing, raping and taking over villages, forcing the inhabitants to seek refuge in Chad.”

You’re supposed to draw the conclusion that non-black Muslims are killing non-Muslim blacks in Sudan.  The idea is to convince Americans, based on their Islamophobia, that evil Muslims are killing people.  Blacks as victims of non-blacks is intended to provide American black support for the campaign (American black leaders are too savvy for this, and are notable by their absence; note the four politicians who did show up).  The fact that both sides to the conflict are black, and both are Muslim, interferes with the Zionist narrative.

The one comment to this deceitful item (scroll down), by ‘Anti Media’, contains many very links to the truth.

I note in particular these useful links concerning Charles Jacobs (an important force of evil we should be monitoring), CAMERA, the David Project, the (National) Unity Coalition for Israel, and the American Anti-Slavery Group.  You are being lied to.  Again.  It is disgusting to see the Holocaust used as an excuse for more genocide against Muslims.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Occupied Territory

The ‘lite’ Zionists are at it again.  Stephen Zunes offers up the same old bullshit that Israel would just l-o-v-e to negotiate with Syria, but the mean old Americans are blocking them (I’m surprised to see that Antiwar is now a propaganda outlet for the Israeli right!).  The truth is that the Israelis don’t want to negotiate with Syria as that would involve giving up stolen land, something the Zionists will not do.  The real mechanics, as I have already described, is that the Israeli right tells the Jewish Billionaires and their henchmen what they want, the henchmen tell the neocons in the Bush Administration, and the ‘Americans’ (meaning the neocons) then instruct the Israelis, thus insulating the Israeli right from the blame for its own actions.

The bullshit is particularly obvious now, as the Americans are currently negotiating with the Syrians (and really want to start talking to Iran).  The American Establishment is having to treat large parts of the Bush White House, particularly the offices of Abrams and Wurmser (added: and, of course, Cheney; isn’t the bifurcation getting weird when one Bush Administration official attacks another as if she were some sort of traitor?), as foreign occupied territory, and are using Rice, whose ideology seems to consist solely in following power, as its agent in the work-around.

The ‘lite’ Zionists, who support the Zionist project but disagree, for moral and/or tactical reasons, with the mechanics of oppression and war currently employed by Israel, are even more disgusting than the neocons, who are at least honest in their insanity.  The sole purpose of Zionism ‘lite’ is to buy time for Israel, time which is being used to further the project of building Greater Israel.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Melamine conspiracy theories

The latest addled conspiracy theory is that the current scare over melamine in pet/human food was caused by intentional doctoring of the food by the Chinese.  Yeah, as if the Chinese were going to destroy their own business by sabotaging themselves.  I have a better conspiracy theory, which reflects the oddnesses that:

  1.  the Chinese don’t seem to know what is going on, and

  2.  the Americans are working glacially slowly to determine what the real problem is. 

What if the melamine problem was the Bush Administration’s plan to deal with the Chinese trade deficit?  A few dead pets equals no more agricultural trade with China.  The neocons, as distinctly opposed to the American Establishment, really hate the Chinese (more on this important issue to come).

Physics revisionism

Cannonfire notes that much of the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement is composed of Holocaust revisionists.  I think the peculiar fascination with Larry Silverstein reflects this (although I think there are still legitimate issues about how WTC7 fell, including whether it fell because of structural problems).

Do you think the 4/ site is legitimate, or a clever parody making fun of the controlled demolitionists?  It’s hard to tell.

Freeway fires

It’s hilarious how one little freeway fire in Oakland has caused the entire 9/11 ‘truth’ movement to collapse (note the panic).  You know what I’m thinking?  Osama (or the actor who plays him) in a cave in Afghanistan with his laptop, gazing at a map of the American interstate system, particularly at bridges going over major rivers and the overpasses leading to them, contemplating the minimum number of explosive trucks needed to implode the American economy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oakland overpass/WTC

An unexpectedly large fire on a concrete overpass in Oakland weakened the structural steel used in the construction, leading the collapse of the overpass.  The only insulation for the steel was asphalt, which melted under the heat, exposing the steel to the full force of the fire.  The corresponding insulation around the steel in the WTC was knocked off by the force of the plane crashes, something the structural engineer involved admitted they did not anticipate.  I have nothing more to say.

Yet another Holocaust museum

The Jewish Billionaire family which controls much of the Canadian media has been lobbying the Liberals for years to fund their own personal Holocaust museum in their home town of Winnipeg.  Now that the Conservatives are in power the Aspers got their federal money, a rather obvious political bribe to ensure a continuation of the one-sided pro-Conservative coverage they have been delivering since the Conservatives were elected.  The museum is yet another Holocaust museum, one of thousands of such museums around the world, slightly rebranded as a ‘Human Rights’ museum for the purposes of receiving funding.  One can only hope that when the Liberals return to power they withdraw the money and give it to a museum dedicated to the Nakba.

Panopticon news

Warning has been given that the new UK national ID card which is going to be forced on an unwilling public will be required in order to vote, thus effectively disenfranchising anybody who objects to the tyranny, and making the election of politicians opposed to the police state very unlikely.

Venezuela leads the rush to the exits

While World Bank leadership frets and fusses about whether it would be a good idea to remove a corrupt international war criminal from its leadership, Venezuela has taken the opportunity of the nadir of World Bank legitimacy to announce its withdrawal from both the World Bank and the IMF.  International criminal syndicates like the World Bank and the IMF exist solely on the basis of a very thin façade of legitimacy which inclines the victim states to assent to their victimhood.  If the World Bank doesn’t act fast, there may not be a World Bank. 

Wolfowitz has the problem that he can freely swan around the world now as the leader of an international institution.  As a mere civilian, almost every state in the world in which he were found would be obliged under international law to arrest and try him as one of the most wanted international war criminals.