Thursday, May 17, 2007

The ‘Catch-22’ model of Zionism

Paul Wolfowitz refuses to consider resigning until his name is cleared by the World Bank.  He follows the ‘Catch-22’ model of Zionism.  Once they clear his name, he won’t have any reason to resign! 

Israel won’t negotiate with Syria because a failure in negotiations might lead to war!  Thus Israel avoids the negotiations that would lead to its having to return the Golan Heights.  This logic would of course preclude any negotiations about anything.  It is insane, but achieves the Zionist goal. 

Israel won’t negotiate with the Palestinians until Hamas ‘recognizes’ Israel, although the Israel Hamas has to recognize refuses to finalize it borders, borders which extend over the entire Palestinian state!  Hamas has to effectively concede the main issues in the negotiation in order to be granted the right to talk.

Israel won’t stop doing the things to the Palestinians which lead to a response it labels ‘terrorism’ until the Palestinians agree to give up entirely and make no response to constant violent provocation.  Israel won’t even consider starting to fulfill any of its obligations to the Palestinians until the Palestinians have completed each and every obligation imposed on them by the Americans under the ‘road map’.  In fact, this precondition still applies after Israel has rejected the ‘road map’ as applying to itself!

And so it goes.  In each case, the Zionists refuse to enter into discussions until the other side makes all possible concessions and gives up.  The catch in each case is that there can be no negotiations until the side opposing the Zionists grants the Zionists every one of the issues in dispute, at which point there is nothing to negotiate about. 

Is the Catch-22 method of negotiating part of the Jewish way of thinking?  There is some weird psychology going on here.  A Zionist withholds the ability to talk until you agree there is nothing to talk about.  The withholding of communication as punishment is the way that psychological illness is created.