Saturday, May 19, 2007


From the Wayne Madsen Report (emphasis in red; btw, this is a web site that desperately needs a way to link to individual postings):

“It is interesting how the right-wing corporate media is now treating the DC Madam story. After attempting to have ABC News put a lid on the story, the Cheney revelations have caused the media barons to relegate the matter to the gossip sector. However, this tactic is not working. As anyone familiar with national security knows, there are two signs that someone is a security risk: sudden and inexplicable affluence or a radical change in demeanor and personality stemming from blackmail. Colin Powell and Brent Scowcroft have both said that the Dick Cheney of today is not the same person they knew as Secretary of Defense. Cheney's reported dalliances during his time at Halliburton and his radical personality change call for a full national security investigation. If a foreign power or foreign interests had access to Cheney's phone records from the 1990s – and many foreign intelligence agencies would have been interested in communications in the neighborhood of the CIA where Cheney lived – there is a distinct possibility that blackmail is behind Cheney's push for the war in Iraq. The right-wing focused on Bill Clinton's comments to Monica Lewinsky during one of their conversations that he had been warned that a ‘foreign power’ could be listening to his conversations. What was good for Clinton then should be good for Cheney now.”

The American Establishment relied on Cheney to be the adult supervision for the inexperienced and stupid Bush, as they knew Cheney from years of reliable service to their interests, and they had watched the idiot Bush grow up and knew he wasn’t up to the job.  How could they have made such a huge mistake in judgment in picking Cheney to run the country?

One of the main arguments made by the lite Zionists in their vile attempts to prove that the Jews had nothing to do with the disastrous attack on Iraq is that Cheney isn’t a Jew.  I’ve always assumed the Cheney motivation was money, from his Halliburton shares and elsewhere, but what if it is blackmail?  It is impossible to conceive that a high-profile call girl operation which serviced the power elites in Washington wouldn’t have been exploited by an intelligence agency.  Could the huge deterioration in Cheney’s personality be as a result of Israeli blackmail? 

Cheney’s original job for Bush was to pick Bush’s Vice President.  Then, to considerable surprise, he picked himself.  Was he ordered to do so by his blackmailers, as part of the Zionist coup which was intended to put the Israeli right in control of American military and foreign policy?