Saturday, May 05, 2007


The Zionist plan of replicating the success (at least, for Zionists) of Iraq, in Sudan, continues.  Note this item published in boston indymedia.  It provides a quick summary, presumably intended to mislead (my emphasis in red):

“The situation in Sudan started in 2003, when the Muslim Janjaweed militia, backed and armed by the Sudanese government, attempted to rid the country of the black groups of the Darfur region by killing, raping and taking over villages, forcing the inhabitants to seek refuge in Chad.”

You’re supposed to draw the conclusion that non-black Muslims are killing non-Muslim blacks in Sudan.  The idea is to convince Americans, based on their Islamophobia, that evil Muslims are killing people.  Blacks as victims of non-blacks is intended to provide American black support for the campaign (American black leaders are too savvy for this, and are notable by their absence; note the four politicians who did show up).  The fact that both sides to the conflict are black, and both are Muslim, interferes with the Zionist narrative.

The one comment to this deceitful item (scroll down), by ‘Anti Media’, contains many very links to the truth.

I note in particular these useful links concerning Charles Jacobs (an important force of evil we should be monitoring), CAMERA, the David Project, the (National) Unity Coalition for Israel, and the American Anti-Slavery Group.  You are being lied to.  Again.  It is disgusting to see the Holocaust used as an excuse for more genocide against Muslims.