Friday, May 04, 2007

Occupied Territory

The ‘lite’ Zionists are at it again.  Stephen Zunes offers up the same old bullshit that Israel would just l-o-v-e to negotiate with Syria, but the mean old Americans are blocking them (I’m surprised to see that Antiwar is now a propaganda outlet for the Israeli right!).  The truth is that the Israelis don’t want to negotiate with Syria as that would involve giving up stolen land, something the Zionists will not do.  The real mechanics, as I have already described, is that the Israeli right tells the Jewish Billionaires and their henchmen what they want, the henchmen tell the neocons in the Bush Administration, and the ‘Americans’ (meaning the neocons) then instruct the Israelis, thus insulating the Israeli right from the blame for its own actions.

The bullshit is particularly obvious now, as the Americans are currently negotiating with the Syrians (and really want to start talking to Iran).  The American Establishment is having to treat large parts of the Bush White House, particularly the offices of Abrams and Wurmser (added: and, of course, Cheney; isn’t the bifurcation getting weird when one Bush Administration official attacks another as if she were some sort of traitor?), as foreign occupied territory, and are using Rice, whose ideology seems to consist solely in following power, as its agent in the work-around.

The ‘lite’ Zionists, who support the Zionist project but disagree, for moral and/or tactical reasons, with the mechanics of oppression and war currently employed by Israel, are even more disgusting than the neocons, who are at least honest in their insanity.  The sole purpose of Zionism ‘lite’ is to buy time for Israel, time which is being used to further the project of building Greater Israel.