Friday, May 11, 2007

'Suicide' prevention hotline

I continue to be impressed by the mad skillz possessed by the D. C. Madam’s attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley.  His client has a list of johns which could either:

  1. be used to get her the minimum possible sentence and a lucrative book deal; or

  2. get her suicided.

The key is to use the list to leverage the maximum possible gain while keeping the client alive.  It is important that the big names on the list not be released too early, as that would remove the ability to bargain.  In the Profumo Affair in Britain in the 1960’s, the big names came out so early that there was no reason for the Establishment to deal, and the alleged pimp in question, who really did nothing wrong, was run down by the legal system and eventually committed suicide (probably a real suicide due to what had been done to him by the courts). 

In the D. C. Madam case, names of lesser johns were released on the bogus excuse that the release was intended to force witnesses to admit that no sex was involved (the lesser johns picked were hypocrite Randall L. Tobias, who used the Ted Haggard ‘so sex, just massage’ defense, and Harlan K. Ullman, the brains behind ‘shock and awe’, who must have been shocked and awed to see his name on the list).  The real reason for the release was to prove that the D. C. Madam meant business, and was prepared to release the big names if she was not treated well.  Word came down from the Establishment to the bench, and she suddenly is given a ‘connected’ court-appointed attorney she would never have been given without the blackmail behind the names, a guy who will be able to steer her to the best possible outcome in court.  She had earlier attempted to sell the names in order to obtain the money for a good lawyer, but blackmail also works. 

There will no doubt also be a big book deal, of the kind the Establishment affords to right-wing authors who are given huge advances which sales of their crappy books could never cover, with the balance covered by quiet bulk purchases (and pulpings), also intended to force the books up the best-seller lists.  No new names will be in the book.

Using such information to blackmail the Establishment carries with it the huge risk that the embarrassment will simply be suicided.  You thus need a second plan to ensure that there is no advantage to murdering the defendant.  Setting up an arrangement with a web site published in a safe place like Russia to automatically publish all the names in the event of the ‘suicide’ of the defendant, and letting the existence of this ‘dead man’s switch’ be known to the Establishment, would do the trick.

Of course, this makes Sibley unwelcome in the court, as judges don’t like to be seen as whoring themselves out for the Establishment, especially when that is in fact what they are doing.  The court is now calling further release of names as ‘witness intimidation’, something which is funny in that it makes absolutely no sense.  How do you intimidate a witness by naming his name?  The name is going to come out eventually.  The real reason for stifling release is to remove the blackmail held by the defendant over the Establishment, and allow some of these hypocrites to sleep better at night.

Sibley’s techniques should be taught in law school as the real way to represent a client who has information embarrassing to the Establishment.