Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007:

  1. For a time, Paul Wolfowitz was wearing the blue ribbon that World Bank employees were wearing to signify that they wanted Wolfowitz removed.  Someone had apparently told him that the ribbon was part of an anti-malaria campaign.  This is the World Bank equivalent of taping a sign to his back saying ‘kick me’!

  2. Read this amazing apology from the Ottawa Citizen (a newspaper which will be solely dedicated to hockey for the next three weeks).  Imagine picking up your morning newspaper, seeing a picture of yourself in it, and then reading the article that the picture was supposed to illustrate.

  3.  The IDF is paying for war criminal Dan Halutz to take a business management course at the Harvard Business School.  Modern MBA skills must be useful in murdering people.  I wonder if Halutz’ case study involves dropping cluster bombs on civilians.

  4. Local police arrested four Israelis after they attempted to obtain driver's licenses using false addresses in Ann Arbor.  One of them had a visa problem, but federal officials determined that the other three “were probably telling the truth when they said they wanted a license so it would be easier to tour America.”  Another reason might be to start to build a false American identity.  I suppose it is just a coincidence that most Arab-Americans live in that area of Michigan.