Friday, May 11, 2007

The tomb, or something, of somebody or other

In a particularly egregious example of crap biblical archaeology, an Israeli archaeologist claims he has found the tomb of King Herod (my emphasis in red):

“For more than three decades, Israeli archaeologist Ehud Netzer scraped at the ancient man-made hillock. He searched the top. He dug at the bottom. Finally Netzer carved into the midsection and there, he says, found his prize: the grave of Herod the Great.

The evidence, in the form of shards of decorative stonework that may have been a coffin and pieces of a structure thought to have been the mausoleum, is still far from ironclad proof. Archeologists have not found a body. Nor is there any written confirmation yet that King Herod, who ruled with Roman backing 2,000 years ago, is buried in that spot.”

All that they found is a few unmarked shards of something that may have been a coffin, in a place where Herod is traditionally not thought to have been buried.  Really!  On that basis, it has been concluded they have found the tomb of Herod.  In the mess of today’s Israel, it is necessary to find evidence of the presence of an ancient Jewish leader.