Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007:

  1. For Americans left sporting the latest fashion statement, a t-shirt which says ‘My President is Spending Trillions on a War for the Jews but all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt’, you can now vicariously experience all the fun of the war you’ll be paying for for the rest of your lives (inspiration?).  Nixon had to have his economists completely re-jig the world monetary system in order to keep the U. S. from going bankrupt over Vietnam, and something similar, but much more radical, is now being considered by the American Establishment in order to pay for the war for Israel.

  2. We’re supposed to be shocked at how the gay Lord of BP spent millions of pounds in Azerbaijan plying (or here) local officials with hookers and drugs in order to obtain oil deals, but the only really shocking thing – and probably part of the fallout from the gay Lord’s unraveling – is the fact we’re hearing about something which happens every day all over the world.  I imagine the gay Lord’s staged outing and forced resignation has something to do with his environmentalism, weak as it was.

  3. Popcorn workers lung (my emphasis in red; see also here):  “Even less is known about the health effects of eating diacetyl in butter-flavored popcorn, or breathing the fumes after the bag is microwaved. The Environmental Protection Agency has studied the fumes but is waiting for the industry to review the study before releasing it. The Food and Drug Administration has diacetyl on its list of substances ‘generally recognized as safe’ but has not studied it.”

  4. DU damages DNA in human lung cells:  “Prof Wise said it is too early to say whether DU causes lung cancer in people exposed on the battlefield because the disease takes several decades to develop.”

  5. Entertaining and informative:  Brooklynisms.

  6. Why is the Bush Administration supporting Michael Moore's supposedly anti-pharmaceutical-industry movie by providing Moore with free publicity?

  7. "One Death Is A Tragedy; A Million Is A Statistic" (Nakba Day 2007).

  8. Is anti-Zionism the new Zionism?

  9. The excavation of ‘Herod’s Tomb’ “was carried out in occupied territory, where Israel has no moral right to dig and certainly not to remove archaeological artifacts”, in complete (as usual) contravention of international law.

  10. One of the defining characteristics of the neocon is a complete absence of a sense of shame:  Perle and Miller on Tenet.