Monday, May 07, 2007



  1. This Frank Rich column on Rice’s failure to even begin to own up to her lies preceding the attack on Iraq is somewhat bizarre when you consider it is published in the New York Times, former home of Judith ‘fucking right’ Miller, and still current home of Michael Gordon, who is in the middle of an exactly similar lying campaign about Iran.  Rich picking on Rice specifically, amongst all the many liars associated with the neocons, when Rice is clearly now working for the American Establishment and not the Zionists, may actually be par for the course for the New York Times.

  2. Wot Is It Good 4 follows up on my musings about William S. Cohen.  By the way, trying to sell Waxman on examining the Edmonds allegations by advertising it as a way to put the major neocons in jail is exactly the best way to scare Waxman off.  You can’t lose sight of the fact that Waxman is funded by the same Jewish Billionaires behind the neocons, and an examination which even comes close to considering the neocon/Zionist stranglehold on American military and foreign policy is the biggest ScareJew of them all.  It would have been much better to sell the allegations by Edmonds as an examination of FBI incompetence which endangers the nation in the ‘war on terror’.

  3. David Corn summarizes the Wolfowitz scandal.  It’s funny how Wolfowitz’ change in tactics, Cohen apparently setting American military policy, and Cheney publicly rebuking Rice on Syria, all reflect varying symptoms of the fact that the Bush White House is falling apart.  Bush is now officially the lamest of all lame ducks.  The traditional power groups are having to find ways to work around the new reality that the White House no longer has any power.  Even the neocons still operating around Cheney are like a ‘Zionist Government in Exile’, still fanging away like a snake with its head cut off even though they have lost almost all their influence.

  4. More on the David Project, this time conspiring to stop a mosque being built in Boston.  Why would they be wasting their time on such petty harassment?  How many other campaigns against mosque building, which usually look like NIMBY concerns about noise and parking, are organized Zionist campaigns?  Just how deep does the hatred of Zionism for Islam go?  It started out as a tactical hatred related to stealing land from Muslims to build the Zionist Empire, but seems to have taken on a life of its own.