Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007:

  1. A photo tribute to CIA station chiefs.  It is high time these wonderful people were ‘recognized’.  A lot of blanks still need to be filled.

  2. CD sales are down, now because of ‘piracy’ (the corporado word for what human beings call ‘sharing’), but because of increasing competition for time spent on entertainment.

  3. Another good article on Sudan.  The watered-down new American sanctions on Sudan won’t work because Sudan sells its oil to China, and the American Establishment is delighted with this.  This article, unfortunately typical of Engdahl’s recent work, is complete, and unadulterated, bullshit.  When are people going to realize that the wealth of the American Establishment is dependent on China’s ability to manufacture, which is dependent on China’s access to hydrocarbons?  Neocon-influenced analysis of China is not helpful.  Chomsky, of all people, is much better on China, but he characteristically misidentifies the people who are against China:  we know them as neocons.  There is no dissent on this issue within the American Establishment.  Of course, the new understanding of the history of American Zionism is making it clear that the long-standing hatred of China by the neocons is connected with a desire for increased American militarism, which is based entirely in the covert campaign to have the Americans assist in Israeli colonialism.

  4. The always reliable (NOT!) DEBKAfile claims that Hamas has taken over a good deal of the Fatah militia, and is planning a huge suicide truck bombing attack on Israel.