Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bandar Blair BAE Bush

Bandar Blair BAE Bush, or a Combination of Allegations:

  1. Tony Blair has the usual ‘Jewish problem’, in that his personal version of the Jewish Billionaires’ club has been illegally slipping his party campaign contributions.

  2. Blair and his party have been covering up the BAE bribery, allegedly to protect the reputations of some unnamed Saudi Royals, which cover-up in turn is allegedly to protect the British arms industry, as the Saudis are the only people stupid and corrupt enough to buy the junk the British make.

  3. It turns out the big recipient is Prince Bandar.

  4. Prince Bandar has been scheming with members of the Bush Administration, particularly the craziest Zionist of all, Elliott Abrams, to fund Sunni militias in the Middle East to combat the influence of Iranian-sponsored Shi’ite groups.  In particular, funding of tiny Sunni militias in Lebanon was supposed to provide opposition to Hezbollah (an unlikely prospect).

  5. The net result of such scheming in Lebanon, to the certain delight of Abrams, is the slaughter of completely innocent Sunni refugees, and more destabilization of Lebanon.

Bandar is said to be on the outs with Saudi King Abdullah, who favors a plan of rapprochement with Iran.  If you follow the connections of all the allegations, you can see why he might be a bit pissed.  Jew-controlled Blair hides Bandar’s bribes, while Bandar is scheming with the Zionist Cabal in a plan that results in the slaughter of Sunni refugees.  When will Arabs learn that they never come out ahead when they deal with Zionists?