Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Conspiracy

Here’s what happened:

  1. The American Establishment knew that Bush wasn’t qualified in any way to be President of the United States.  On the other hand, he appeared to be electable, and carried with him the promise of lower taxes and the end of the few regulations on corporations that were left.  The giddy days of American power from the days of the Clinton Administration also led to some negligence about the use of such power, stemming from the idea that the United States controlled the world so thoroughly that it could afford to have a buffoon as President. 

  2. The American Establishment took considerable comfort in the fact that the real acting president would be Dick Cheney, a reliable right-winger with decades of service, in various capacities, to the Elites.

  3. The American Establishment failed to account for the emotional control over Bush by the Christian Zionists, and the fact that Dick Cheney’s sole belief was in a doctrine called dickcheneyism, the advancement of power and wealth for Dick Cheney.

  4. Cheney realized that a Middle East war would increase his personal power to levels never matched by any Vice President (or President, for that matter).  Thanks to his Halliburton shares, it would also increase his wealth.  He could also see how the Bush Administration was stocked with Israelis, fresh off the plane from advising Netanyahu to arrange for regime change in Iraq.  Going with the flow of an Administration stocked by Christian Zionists with the express purpose of creating an apocalypse in the Middle East meant falling in with the plan to attack Iraq.  Despite the fact that Cheney had been the one arguing the stupidity of an attack on Baghdad at the end of the Gulf War, dickcheneyism, the advancement of the power and wealth of Dick Cheney, made his support for the attack on Iraq easy for Cheney.

  5. The presence of Cheney (and Rumsfeld) meant that the attack was saleable to the American Establishment, despite profound doubts about all the Jews hanging around the White House  There were also repercussions of the attack which fit in with large geopolitical strategies of the American Establishment (I still owe you a report on this).  Therefore, despite the doubts, they let it happen.

This is how conspiracies occur.  In fact, it is almost a classic example.  Even those with all the power can lose it, at least for a significant moment, if the wrong people working semi-clandestinely for a particular conspiracy are allowed to roam free for a period of time.  The standard lite Zionist line, that the Elites run everything so they must have been behind everything that happened, is obvious nonsense, particularly in times when empires are in decline.  My interest in things Zionist stems from the fact that Israel is attempting to build an empire by piggybacking on the power of the United States, thus leading to the rich ground for conspiracy theorists that surrounds Israeli-American relations.

It’s funny how hard it is to sell an obvious conspiracy to conspiracy theorists, when the American Establishment itself has no doubt about what happened.  They are furious, and frustrated at their relative impotence.  I’ll bet if you could get them to speak frankly you would hear some of the choicest and most colorful bits of anti-Semitism you can imagine.  We’re now seeing the Empire strike back a bit, with sales of arms to the Saudis, failure to help Israel out of Lebanon, talks with Syria and Iran, and a general disinclination to attack Iran.  Of course, Bush carries on regardless, and the neocons around Cheney are still up to no good (the current projects include arranging for the civil war in Gaza, disrupting Lebanon by conspiring for the Lebanese army to slaughter Palestinian refugees, pushing for an attack on Syria, and, through Israeli David Wurmser, trying to have Israel attack Iran to suck the United States into war).

You can detect a hint of the fury in the conduct of the Libby trial.  Judge Walton threw the book at Libby, refused to censor the names of the Jews who embarrassed themselves in the sentencing letters, and essentially made fun of the legal brief he received on sentencing (written by a list of ‘experts’ led by, you guessed it, Alan Dershowitz) .  The anger amongst the Americans Establishment is building so fast that even the conspiracy theorists are going to be left in its wake.