Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The frenzy of the Lobby

The University and College Union proposed boycott of Israel is the latest in the growing international divestment and boycott movement.  The Lobby can attempt to slow it down, but it is inevitable that the movement will continue to grow amongst all right-thinking people.   The cause of ‘academic freedom’, the new mantra of the Lobby, doesn’t apply to Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, proving the utter hypocrisy of the Zionist position.

There seems to be a massive, and ultimately fatal, misunderstanding in the Lobby and in the Israeli government about the effect of the boycotts.  The intent isn’t to shut Israel down.  The intent is to raise awareness by demonstrating that moral leaders around the world find Israeli colonialism disgusting.  Thus, attempts to escalate the matter, by proposing counter-boycotts, or even Dershowitz’s typical insane ranting, just play into the hands of the just and the good, by raising the general awareness of the matter.  Due to Lobby control over all old media – just notice the overall negative tone on the boycott in the Guardian – the Palestinians are dying in the darkness of censorship over what is being done to them.  The Lobby frenzy simultaneously proves the effectiveness of the boycott and divestment movement, and increases the awareness which will be the death of the Israeli Empire. 

Israelis have managed over the years to justify their own evil actions to themselves by the fact they consistently receive mixed messages from the rest of the world, particularly from the United States and other Lobby outposts.  All moral individuals find Israel’s actions, and the Lobby actions to allow Israel to commit its crimes, repulsive, but Israelis have been shielded from this by the fact that they never hear what the moral people have to say.  Israelis have to obtain a clear view that they are on the wrong side of history.  It was this realization which finally led to movement in South Africa.  The investment and boycott movement is largely symbolic, and Israel will eventually end up changing mainly for economic and military reasons, but the importance of sending a clear message that gets through to individual Israelis cannot be overstated.  The cumulative effect of the intellectual climate that Israel is completely in the wrong, and the more concrete factors, will eventually lead to the kind of legitimacy crisis which will prompt Israeli politicians to begin to do the right thing.  The frenzy of the Lobby is proof that boycotters are on the right track.