Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007:

  1. "He said to me: Stand on your feet. I felt that my legs were cold, like pins and needles in the legs. I said: I can't. He said: Now you are paralyzed. I said: I guess I am. He said: That is what we promised you and that is what you want."  The Shin Bet response is at the end, including reference to the obligatory whitewash by the quaintly named Ombudsman of Interogees' Complaints (you can tell you live in an evil country if you have such an official).

  2. I don;t know how many times I have to repeat it, or for how many years, but the United States is not going to attack Iran.  The American Establishment has determined that Iranian cooperation is needed to extract them from the awful mess the Jewish traitors have tricked them into in Iraq (not just the mess in Iraq itself, but the danger of a conflagration across the entire Middle East), they fear Iranian retribution involving destroying the world economy by sealing off the oil flow and destroying oil infrastructure around the Gulf, they fear organized terrorist counter-attacks, and, perhaps most importantly, they lack the technical ability to mount any kind of serious attack (the traitor Jews have also temporarily destroyed the American military).  It ain’t going to happen.  The Acting President of the United States, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, has said as much.  The psychopaths know it, so are beginning to fantasize about an Israeli attack.  The plan presumably is to convince Israel to start the job, and use the Iranian retaliation against Israel as the excuse to drag the Americans in.  But what if, as in the case of Lebanon last summer, the Americans just sit there, watching?  The psychopath plan is just too dangerous.  The fatal problem with the Jewish Thrill Kill Cult is that they have become so addicted to killing that it has made them incapable of functioning in the real world, a world in which Israel can no longer rely on the Americans to do their killing for them.

  3. Speaking of Israeli psychopathic fantasies, the victory of Hamas over Fatah – ‘ the second liberation of the Gaza Strip’ – is leading Israelis to the idea that Egypt will take over Gaza, and Jordan will take over those few parts of the West Bank that the Israelis have not already stolen.  The fake ‘civil war’ engineered by the Zionists isn’t working out right, with Hamas winning far too easily and too quickly.

  4. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, who Sibel Edmonds seems to think is corrupt, handled the Libby trial in an exemplary manner, and is now receiving threats for it.  I wonder which small, minority group of Americans might be sending such threats?  It will be interesting to watch the defense tricks to enable Libby to stay out of jail until Bush can pardon him at a politically safe time.

  5. News from New Jersey on a political action committee called NORPAC which doles out money to candidates based solely on their perceived support for extremist Zionist positions.  Rabbi Irwin Kula of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, a Manhattan-based think tank, said:  “The part of the community that is much more suspicious of Palestinian motives and Palestinian interests is simply more organized, far more politically aggressive and far more prepared to use their resources.”

  6. Tony, trying not to let the door hit his ass on the way out, wants to see controls on journalism in Britain following the Chinese model.  There is obviously no need for such controls in the United States, where ‘journalists’ are entirely self-censoring.  By the way, how many seconds after Blair is gone will British officials wait before commencing the war crimes trial against him that Britain is required to hold under international law?

  7. Photos of the losers who went to the Bilderberg Conference in Turkey.  At just about the same time, the real scary meeting was being held in Prague, the “Democracy & Security” conference.  All the dangerous people were there, and Jim Lobe connects a lot of dots.

  8. With an African-led peacekeeping force, financed by the West, going to Darfur, the Jewish Thrill Kill Cult suffers yet another loss.  Oy veh, my aching fangs!  Meanwhile, Sudan is one of the main contributors to American intelligence on the Middle East.  Isn’t it ironic how the fake ‘war on terror’ cooked up by Israeli think tanks for Bibi Netanyahu in the 80s in order to replace the Soviet Union as the reason for American sponsorship of Israeli colonialism (more on this, the Liberty, and the relaunching of the Cold War by the neocons, later) has led to a disinclination by the Americans to attack Sudan, one of their real intelligence allies?

  9. Note the story of Mossad agent ‘Erika Chambers’, the assassin of Ali Hassan Salameh.  She used a remote car bomb.  The Mossad left a paper trail to convince the PLO that the assassination was the work of German intelligence, in retaliation for the Munich assassinations (given the Entebbe revelations, I’m starting to wonder if the Israelis were really behind the Munich assassinations).  Speaking of remote car bombs blamed on the wrong people, Robert Fisk is slightly less horrible writing about Lebanon than he has usually been since the assassination of Hariri (his extreme man-love for Hariri has made him entirely useless in writing about Lebanon).  There may even be some sarcasm in his blaming it on Syria.  Since the Zionists blamed Syria for the Sunni Palestinian militias set up by Prince Bandar and Elliott Abrams, militias established supposedly to fight Syrian ally Hezbollah, it has become increasingly difficult to take anything these clowns say seriously.  Remember how the Americans blamed Iran for supplying Sunni insurgents in Iraq?  Mortal enemies working together, all because Zionist propaganda decided that Americans wouldn’t know any better.  To add to the clownishness, the ‘Surge’, which is really a war against Sunnis in order to cause the break-up of Iraq as described by Yinon, is now arming the Sunni insurgents it is fighting!

  10. If true, best news I’ve heard in months:  Tel Aviv within Hezbollah rocket range.

  11. Excellent summary of the ‘Final Solution’.

  12. One of Conrad Black’s expert witnesses charged him $800,000 to review documents and testify.

  13. The Jerusalem Post has decided to stop publicly fundraising for the Israeli-preferred candidate for the American Presidency.

  14. $1,000 for a get-out-of-jail-free card.