Friday, June 22, 2007

Inane conspiracy theories

Cannonfire says my theory on the Judicial Watch story is a “a particularly inane conspiracy theory”, and then – presumably to demonstrate his expertise in particularly inane conspiracy theories – goes on to consider a theory connecting Osama to Promis.  The first comment to the posting pretty much nails it (I can’t get the link to work, so just click on ‘comments’ at the end).  As to Judicial Watch, you can judge for yourself who funds it.  I hardly need point out the importance of Scaife:

“People for the American Way estimates that the Scaife Foundations have channeled in excess of $340 million to right-wing groups over the last thirty years, more than any other individual.”

On the proposed sale of arms to the Saudis:

“A high-level Israeli delegation will meet with officials in Washington this week and demand that restrictions be clamped on the proposed US sale of state-of-the-art weaponry to Saudi Arabia, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The talks are expected to center on the US decision to sell Joint Direct Attack Munition satellite-guided ‘smart bombs’ to Saudi Arabia. The sale has caused consternation in Jerusalem over concern it could tip the balance of power in the region.

If the sale does go through, Israel has expressed interest in acquiring the F-22 stealth bomber – a plane that can avoid radar detection and is the world's most advanced fighter jet – to maintain its qualitative edge. In April, the Post reported that the IAF had inquired about obtaining the aircraft and had requested that the Defense Ministry present the request on its behalf to the Pentagon.”

Remember the F-22?  The Acting President of the United States, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, is behind the proposed sale to the Saudis, representing yet another instance of the reoccupation of Washington by the American Establishment.  But wait, there’s more (neat-o Lobby – you know, the one with no power – reference in red):

“A mini-crisis is said be brewing between the US and Israeli defense establishments over the sale of advanced American ‘smart bombs’ to Saudi Arabia.

Two Israeli generals returned from Washington on Monday after failing to sway Pentagon officials with their government's concerns over the deal, which is worth billions of dollars to US defense contractors.

Putting these weapons – which are similar to the smart bombs used by the Israeli Air Force – in Saudi hands ‘damages Israel's qualitative military edge in the Middle East,’ warned defense officials cited by Israel's Ma'ariv daily newspaper.

Other security experts have cautioned that while the current Saudi regime may never use these weapons against Israel, there is no telling who will be in control in Riyadh in five, 10 or 20 years.

In the unstable political atmosphere that characterizes much of the Arab Middle East, successive American administrations have vowed to help maintain Israel's qualitative military edge over its enemies.

The current backtracking on that promise has elicited threats from Jerusalem to call into action the pro-Israel lobby on Capitol Hill in order to scuttle the Saudi arms deal.

US defense officials have responded angrily, and have banned Israel from participating in the development of the Joint Strike Fighter next-generation fighter jet in retaliation.”

Actually, as my inane conspiracy theories go, this one’s got legs.  Dredging up a silly story connecting the Saudi royals to Osama just at the time the Saudi royals are trying to buy arms from the Americans in a sale the Israelis vehemently oppose?  Sounds like a conspiracy to me.  Judicial Watch is, essentially, Scaife, and Scaife is a rabid Christian Zionist.  QED.