Friday, June 22, 2007

Judicial Watch, up to its old tricks

Judicial Watch, one of Christian Zionist Richard Mellon Scaife’s propaganda outlets, suddenly pops up with some old FBI documents which indicate (or here) that Osama may have been behind one of the flights that extracted the Saudi royal children, and some bin Laden family members, from the American lynch mob in the wake of September 11.  The timing of this revelation is odd.  It is even odder that Osama would be so kind as to leave some sort of paper trail connecting him to the extrication.  Did he use his laptop in that cave in Afghanistan to charter the flight?  Remember how much Michael Moore’s movie fixated on the relatively unimportant issue of the rescue flights?   Remember that Michael Moore’s agent is Rahm Emanuel’s brother? 

The key in figuring this out is to concentrate on the fact that the Saudis are just concluding very delicate negotiations to buy a huge amount of sophisticated arms from American arms companies, and the Israelis want to block the deal.  Christian Zionist Richard Mellon Scaife wants to help Israel block the deal.  Judicial Watch, which used to have a terrible reputation, has been rehabilitated in recent years by catering to the needs of the lite Zionists and those Americans who like a certain kind of conspiracy theory, the one that believes that the American oil government is in cahoots with the ‘Islamofascists’.