Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lies and truth

Contrast this steaming pile of Chomskean lies by Ron Jacobs with a clear statement of the truth by Jean Bricmont (both from Counterpunch; more excellent Bricmont, who is a real progressive, not a phony Zionist one, here).  Notice how the lite Zionist approach intentionally leads you to hopelessness (classic Chomsky), while Bricmont provides a relatively simple way out.

By the way, under the weight of the anti-Semite slur, the current code word for the de-Jew-ification of Washington is the removal of Cheney.  Cheney goes, the VP’s office (the “Occupied Territories”) is cleaned up, and much of the problem disappears.  The fact that the problem is so easy to fix is the ultimate refutation of lite Zionism.