Sunday, June 03, 2007


Trish Schuh connects Israel to the series of assassinations in Lebanon (not to mention car bombings in Iraq), the Hariri assassination, and the Mehlis attempt to frame Syria for the Hariri assassination.  In the light of recent revelations about Entebbe, and many, many other similar tricks, it is impossible to fail to see Zionist fingerprints on dirty tricks all over the Middle East.  The IDF uses spy saboteurs they call ‘Mista'aravim’, meaning soldiers disguised as Arabs.  These saboteurs have been conducting operations in Lebanon, intended to break up Lebanon and serve as a pretext for an attack on Syria.

Based on lies posing as ‘intelligence’ about Syria (Israel has a history of its spies lying about Syria in order to encourage war), the IDF is preparing for a summer war against Syria (the war that Meyrav Wurmser thought Israel should have fought last summer, for the bizarre stated reason that an Israeli success against Syria would have ended the civil war in Iraq).  Syria, unlike Iran, is a target in the ‘Clean Break’ document, for the simple reason that the Syrians made the unfortunate choice of living on land that belongs to the Zionist Empire.

Speaking about the supposed American attack on Iran – you know, the one that isn’t going to happen – Ha’aretz writes about the recent Iranian-American meeting (my emphasis in red):

“Clearly, if the two sides agree to continue their public meetings, and upgrade the level of their officials in the talks, not only will the nuclear question be on the agenda for discussion, but also civilian cooperation between the Great Satan and the Axis of Evil – a vision that has been promoted for years by the American petroleum giants and other private investors.”

Wait!  Did Ha’aretz say that?  I thought the proposed attack on Iran was for the American Establishment, not the Zionists!  Could Noam and his ilk be lying to me?  Do bears shit in the woods?