Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday, June 5, 2007

Monday, June 5, 2007:

  1. A professor from a university in Nova Scotia attended the conference in Iran which considered the Holocaust and its use and abuse in politics, and was royally lambasted for attending by some of his own colleagues and some of the stupider members of the Canadian press.  Shiraz Dossa explains himself, and the conference, rather well.

  2. The state of the art in fake ‘terrorist’ attacks, as exemplified by the Fort Dix Six and the Toronto truck-bomb group, is to use two, very active, informants.  The first organizes the group, and sets them off doing things like playing paintball that can later have an ominous significance.  The second appears at the end, bearing the gift of weapons.  The patsies in the middle haven’t got a chance even if, as in the Fort Dix case, they attempt to turn in the second guy.  The first informant in the Toronto case, the guy who helped the Toronto group ‘move from talk to action’ (as the Globe and Mail puts it), and, oddly, an advocate for Shariah courts in Ontario, has now been charged with assault and uttering threats, after allegedly shoving and threatening two Grade 7 schoolgirls.  He describes himself as a ‘conflict resolution specialist’!

  3. Dan Bartlett, President Bush’s ‘counsellor’ who has worked for Bush for 13 years, abruptly resigned to ‘spend more time with his family’, without having a new job to move to, and nobody has speculated if he might have been on somebody’s phone record list.

  4. A cartoon which isn’t about what Jesus looked like. Parkdale is a rough-ish, but gentrifying, neighborhood in Toronto.

  5. A good letter on the non-renewal of the broadcasting license of Venezuelan coup sponsor RCTV.

  6. The prime minister of Kyrgyzstan claims to have a case of the Central European disease of poisoning.