Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Old South rises again

The racist American Southern establishment has laid down the law in North Carolina and has made it abundantly clear that Southern white dominance isn’t something to be trifled with.  The long lynching process of Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has begun by forcing him to resign and then disbarring him.  More punishment is to come.  Reading the blogs and the American press, it appears that there is universal approval of the basic American principle that the legal system is there only to oppress, and never to help, niggers.  The strangely-monikered Talk Left is filled with self-righteous gloating at the fate of Mr. Nifong, and the only blog I’ve read that sees the big picture is Cosmic Iguana.

Outsiders like myself are always a little surprised – shocked even – at the extreme pro-prosecution bias of the American legal system.  Innocent until guilty my ass!  The Conrad Black trial is a good example.  Much as I hate Black (and would like to see him jailed for the next century or so), I have to say he is getting a rough ride in Chicago.  He brought in a famous defense lawyer from Canada with a reputation for having mad skillz as a cross-examiner.  In Canada, defense lawyers are allowed a large leeway by judges in cross-examining prosecution witnesses, as the system seems to realize the huge advantage that Crown prosecutors have.  Canadian defense lawyers are allowed to really lay into prosecution witnesses.  In the American system, this is called ‘badgering’, the successful subject of prosecution objections, and the net effect was that the main prosecution witness, David Radler, had his credibility increased as a result of the failed cross-examination.  This failure was caused by the combination of the fact that Radler is a bit of a genius, and the fact that the defense lawyer had his hands tied by a legal system that is overly protective of prosecutors.

Nifong was aggressive, but no more aggressive than most American prosecutors, who get away with it every single day of the year.  The difference, of course, was that he used his aggression to assist a black complainant against white privilege.  Much is made of the fact that he was fishing for votes in an upcoming election, which is a polite way of pointing out all the problems that have occurred as a result of allowing black people to vote (fortunately, gerrymandering, ‘caging’, systematic disenfranchisement, failure to provide sufficient voting machines, and outright vote fraud in the American South – not to mention many other places, including Ohio – have largely alleviated this serious problem!).

Just imagine what would have happened if Nifong had tried the same tricks with a white complainant who alleged rape at the hands of black basketball players from a lowly underfunded state college?  Nothing would have happened.  I guarantee it.  No resignation, no disbarment, no civil suits.  In fact, after the railroading, the populace would have held a parade for Nifong and named a street after him.  The hypocrisy of white privilege is outrageous.

I can’t comment on the merits of the case itself, as we’ve never had a trial.  The whole thing has been tried and adjudicated in the court of public opinion, and clever people have arranged for that to happen.  The point of a trial is to find the facts, and successful media manipulation by the white establishment has ensured that we will never actually see the allegations tested. The judge and jury was a politician, the North Carolina Attorney General.

Just think of the message being sent to prosecutors across the American South.  If you take on a case with a black complainant, and white, privileged defendants, no matter what you feel about the credibility of the complainant, and no matter what you feel, as a professional prosecutor, of your duty to stand up for the rights of the oppressed, your career, and your life, will be ruined.  It seems to me that underprivileged black people have the right not to have crimes committed against them by white elites, but the people who run the ‘justice’ system in the American South don’t agree.  As time goes on, not much has changed.