Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The reckoning

The New Republic, of all places, recounts a confrontation between Norman Podhoretz and William Buckley on a right-wing cruise promoting the slaughter of Muslims (American like cruises with a theme!).  It is hidden behind a subscription wall (added:  the whole thing is reprinted here), but James Wolcott excerpts the best part:

“Buckley . . . united with Podhoretz in mutual hatred of Godless Communism, but, slouching into his eighties, he possesses a worldview that is ill-suited for the fight to bring democracy to the Muslim world. He was a ghostly presence on the cruise at first, appearing only briefly to shake a few hands. But now he has emerged, and his is fighting.

‘Aren’t you embarrassed by the absence of these weapons?’ Buckley snaps at Podhoretz. He has just explained that he supported the war reluctantly, because Dick Cheney convinced him that Saddam Hussein had WMD primed to be fired. ‘No,’ Podhoretz replies. ‘As I say, they were shipped to Syria. During Gulf War One, the entire Iraqi air force was hidden in the deserts in Iran.’ He says he is ‘heartbroken’ by this ‘rise of defeatism on the right.’ He adds, apropos of nothing, ‘There was nobody better than Don Rumsfeld. This defeatist talk only contributes to the impression we are losing, when I think we are winning.’

The audience cheers Podhoretz. The nuanced doubts of Bill Buckley leave them confused. Doesn’t he sound like the liberal media? Later, over dinner, a tablemate from Denver calls Buckley ‘a coward.’ His wife nods and says, ‘Buckley’s an old man,’ tapping her head with her finger to suggest dementia.”

You can’t get any more old school American Establishment than Buckley, and he is here reflecting the incomprehension at the evil of the Jewish neocons, the fury at their continued lies and warmongering, and the frustration at the impotence of the traditional American power structure to do anything about it.  The Noamian idea that the Israeli right and its American traitor-agents are just a front for the American Establishment is a contemptible lie.

As the Establishment is boxed in on all fronts  – the Jew-controlled media, the Jew-controlled Democrats, the Christian-Zionist-controlled Republicans, and a President who is religiously insane – they have had to run the American government without recourse to the traditional reins of power.  Noam is right in one, and only one respect:  the American Establishment is extremely powerful, so powerful that it can run the American government by proxy, using various levers of influence to work around the ZOG.  It is only their ability to do this that will save the American Empire from complete destruction.

The neocons, and the two-faced official American Jewish community generally, seem to feel that they have gotten away with one war, and are possibly going to get away with more wars and destruction, all without anybody noticing what is really going on.  This is a tragic mistake.  The average American can see the common denominator in the ritual murderers.  The American Establishment are foaming-at-the-mouth furious about it.  The reason we don’t hear too much of the fury is the fear at being labeled an anti-Semite (which prevents official expression of truth, but not private expression of truth), but the fury is there.  Had the neocons left well enough alone and slinked off after Iraq, they may have escaped retribution, but the constant provocation of more warmongering, with a complete lack of comprehension at the anger it is causing, is going to lead to a reckoning.  I’ve said this before, but it would be extremely prudent for the wider Jewish community to get in front of this thing, and start vehemently denouncing those traditional instruments of power who purport to speak for them, before something happens that takes the issue out of the control of the community.